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James Beckett plans joint Heritage/Champion of Donington race in 2020

Zig Zag Lighting Heritage Formula Ford 1600 championship organiser James Beckett is planning a joint Heritage FFord and new-for-2020 Champion of Donington event in 2020, including a combined final race.

Beckett confirmed to FF1600website at the Heritage finale at Donington Park last weekend that he is evaluating a joint final between Heritage and Champion of Donington entrants at the same meeting.

Heritage FFord is open to Kent-engined cars built before 1993, while the ‘Champion of…’ series, which Beckett also runs, have no car age restriction. And while a joint final race remains only an early concept, Beckett confirmed the idea is “in the works”.

“Earlier in the year we had the Champion of Donington race [the April Champion of Brands round held at Donington], so for example running Heritage and that race series in the same meeting could be a way to go,” Beckett told FF1600website.

“The idea could be to have some kind of final, I haven’t quite worked it out yet but that’s something still in the works.

“It’s all about giving the competitors what they want, a lot of track time and good circuits and we’ve certainly seen that by going to places like Donington that it’s ticked the right boxes.”

Beckett is set to introduce a Champion of Donington format next year due to the success of his Champion of Brands event, which takes place at the Brands Hatch circuit although Donington hosted its opening round this season as an ‘away day’ due to difficulties securing an early-season Brands date.

Champion of Donington’s primary purpose is to help competitors save money by not having to travel the country, instead giving local drivers a chance to compete in their own backyards.

And Beckett aims to take the idea a step further, and introduce a shared final at the end of the day that will allow full-time Heritage drivers to take on the local racers.

Heritage and Champion of Brands both held their season-opening rounds this year at the same Donington April meeting, though the two categories did not run on the same day.

Ollie White took both the Heritage and the Champion of Brands pole positions in that meeting on Donington’s national circuit. His Champion of Brands pole time set in his Medina Sport JL17 was one second faster than his Heritage pole time set in his Van Diemen RF89.

The Champion of Brands’ fastest race lap across the two races was six tenths quicker than Heritage’s.

Mallory Park on the horizon?

Beckett also hopes to get Mallory Park onto the Heritage calendar in the near future, with work ongoing to find a meeting there to include Heritage on.

Beckett made no secret of his love for the 1.3-mile Leicestershire venue, but as MSVR – which Beckett runs all his series in association with – currently doesn’t run any meetings there he conceded that a Heritage round will be tricky to pull off.

“I love Mallory Park,” Beckett added. “I’ve got a huge affinity with Mallory, and it would certainly be a place that I’d love to take Heritage to.

“It’s all about finding the right dates, I run this series in association with MSVR and they don’t have a meeting there so I would need to find the right meeting in which to go with, but that’s something we’re currently working on.”

Image courtesy of Wayne Pearson

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