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Heritage FF1600 to introduce over-50s class next season

Zig Zag Lighting Heritage Formula Ford 1600 championship organiser James Beckett has confirmed the category will introduce a new class for drivers aged over 50 next season.

Beckett recently introduced an over-50s class in the Champion of Brands series which he also administers. With its introduction a popular one Beckett, at Heritage’s season finale at Donington Park last weekend, confirmed that this class would be brought into Heritage too for 2020.

Heritage currently runs only a separate class for pre-1982 cars, which was won this year by Scott Guthrie in his 1973 Crossle 25f, and Beckett was keen to build on this and find more ways to award the drivers taking part.

“The announcement to run the over-50s class at Champion of Brands was warmly received, currently Heritage has just an age class that only covers the entered cars and not drivers, so this is definitely something we will introduce in Heritage next year,” Beckett told FF1600website.

“It’s always nice to have something else for drivers to fight for and win a trophy, and if they can go home with something to stand on the mantelpiece at the end of the weekend then it’s all good.

“Whether it’s just one person bringing their own car on a trailer or a team, everyone’s as important as each other and it’s nice to reward all of them.”

Heritage FFord was introduced in 2018 as a battleground for pre-1993 FFord machines, with no previous destination for them to compete prior to this series’ inception except among more modern machinery. This season was Heritage’s first as a points-paying championship.

The year has been largely a success for the championship, with around different 50 competitors having taken part across the six rounds, while Oliver White stormed to the inaugural title at the wheel of his Van Diemen RF89.

4 comments on “Heritage FF1600 to introduce over-50s class next season

  1. Ciaran Lowe

    Absolutely brilliant idea ! I really hope this takes off and spreads across countries.


    • Stephen Adams

      We have a Masters Class in Ontario (Canada) F1600 series. The drivers in that group have as much fun, or more, than anyone.


  2. Ciaran McLarnon

    Would love to give it a go.


  3. Ciaran Lowe

    That’s great news Steve, Thanks 👍


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