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David McCullough wins Martin Donnelly Trophy for second year running

David McCullough edged out brother Ivor by 0.091 seconds to take his second successive Martin Donnelly Trophy win at Kirkistown.

The annual race, currently run without heats, was shortened by a red flag on lap 15 and the result was taken from the lap before.

This benefited the winner, who qualified fourth but made his way the front of the field long before his brother.

Ivor McCullough was the quicker of the pair, and was actually closing in on David while he traded second place on multiple occasions with poleman Alan Davidson.

Once firmly in position ahead of Davidson, Ivor immediately set the fastest lap and closed on to his brother’s gearbox. Had the race continued to its allotted lap count, the second placed McCullough would likely have won.

Davidson finished third, half a second back, although he too would have wanted to fight for the lead had the race continued.

Successful Irish racing team Vertical Racing was contesting its first weekend of FF1600 competition, with Formula Sheane champion David Parks putting in a superb drive under pressure to net the squad fourth place.

Parks dropped over 20 seconds to the drivers in front, but ran a solid fifth after prevailing in a lively battle with Will Herron, with the pair swapping positions on consecutive laps.

Noel Robinson was settled in fourth for much of the race, but rolled at the hairpin on lap 15, causing the red flag and therefore not being classified.

Stefan Donnelly, son of former Formula 1 racer Martin, finished ninth in his historic Crossle 32F.

Race results

Pos Driver Car Time
1 David McCullough Van Diemen 14 laps
2 Ivor McCullough Van Diemen +0.091
3 Alan Davidson Mondiale +0.521
4 David Parks Ray +21.815
5 Scott Finlay Van Diemen +22.535
6 Ian Campbell Ray +27.049
7 Andrew Blair Reynard +30.177
8 Will Herron Van Diemen +31.844
9 Stefan Donnelly Crossle +32.017
10 Allan McBurney Van Diemen +32.431
11 Henry Campbell Reynard +36.920
12 Robert Johnston Van Diemen +49.799
DNF Noel Robinson Van Diemen
DNF Philip Harris Mondiale
Pole: Davidson, 1:01.062      Fastest lap: Smith, 1:01.547

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