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Neil Hunt to miss second Donington Heritage encounter after race one shunt

Neil Hunt will not start the second Zig Zag Lighting Heritage Formula Ford 1600 race at Donington Park following his incident with Christopher Stones in the first encounter.

Hunt – who qualified sixth in the wet qualifying session this morning – was in a battle for the same position with Stones and Tom Roark for most of the race, but was struggling to hang on having chosen the wrong set-up.

He decided to risk a set-up change based on the drying conditions but, unfortunately for the Mondiale driver, the track failed to dry sufficiently for the gamble to pay off.

He then made a mistake heading into Old Hairpin with only a third of the 15-minute race remaining, spinning and being collected by Stones in the process, causing the race to end under red flag conditions.

While Stones was able to get away with light bodywork damage, Hunt wasn’t so lucky and suffered major damage that has ruled him out for the final race of the season this afternoon.

“It was entirely my fault,” admitted Hunt.

“I went the wrong way on the set-up, I went far too dry as I thought it was drying out but it wasn’t. I had very little rear grip, I got a great start but nearly dropped it coming out of Coppice on the first lap.

“I just about held it, Mark (de Rozarieux) did drop it and that separated the pack a bit and let me get a gap, but then the other Mondiale caught me up and I could see the others coming too so I tried to push harder just to keep ahead and lost it at Old Hairpin.

“I thought I’d got away with it but Chris (Stones) just caught me, he barely has any damage but it’s done a lot to mine.

“It’s the Rear upright, the gearbox housing as well as the exhaust need replacing, so sadly too much to fix to get out for the next one.

“His wheel caught the back of mine and pretty much pulled everything out, it’s a real pity because I was in a decent position and it was looking to be wet for the next one and the car was great in the wet qualifying.”

Hunt was third in the Heritage championship standings heading into the weekend, but was overtaken by Tom Brown after taking victory in the first race and could stand to lose further positions depending on the results of several drivers behind.

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