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Rory Smith to race in Silverstone National FF1600 round following “huge team effort”

B-M Racing boss Andy Brickles has credited a “huge team effort” for getting Rory Smith’s Medina repaired in time for this weekend’s BRSCC Avon Tyres National FF1600 Silverstone round.

Smith’s car was heavily damaged in an opening-lap crash at Paddock Hill Bend during last Sunday’s second Champion of Brands race following a collision with Luke Cooper.

Brickles told FF1600website that the incident resulted in the team working around-the-clock to get the car rebuilt in time to race at Silverstone.

“The car landed at the workshop at workshop at 5am [on Monday] and we just set to it, we didn’t go to bed,” said Brickles.

“Monday we had it fully stripped, all the damaged parts were taken off.

“Tuesday we set to building it back up. Other members of the team, including Rory [Smith] came up to help with it all as well.” 

After the work was almost complete, the team were hit with a set-back when a small crack was discovered, resulting in the car having to be disassembled.

“We were surprised by how quickly it all went back together, by Tuesday night it was nearly good to go, and then we noticed a small crack on the bellhousing,” Brickles continued.

“On Wednesday the back end had to come back off to get it welded up again. So it was kind of reversing all the hard work we had put in.

“It’s been a huge team effort. I’m thankful to the team, taking time out of their personal lives to come and help rebuild it again. We’re a very close team, we’ve worked together for quite a while so we all jump in and help each other.”

Rory Smith’s car was heavily damaged at Brands Hatch last weekend following a clash with Luke Cooper

Smith was back out in his rebuilt Medina on Friday during testing at Silverstone, and was straight on the pace.

“Rory was quick today, was on pace with everyone else, which is very reassuring,” said Brickles.

Despite Smith’s National FFord campaign being blighted by reliability issues and incidents, Brickles praised the performances of his driver.

“We’ve not seemed to have any luck whatsoever. We won the first race at Snetterton, and then ignition problems cost us a couple of races. 

“It’s always been hard work fighting from the back of the grid, but as ever Rory’s proved that he’s an amazing racer, and he can carve through the field like no one else”. 

With the National FFord title realistically out of reach this year, Brickles says the team are focusing on trying to end the season strongly at the final two rounds.

“I think our championship [chances] were over quite early with the ignition problems. So we are just trying to build the best package we can to attack the end of the year.”

Photos courtesy of B-M Racing

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