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Champion of Cadwell race set to join Heritage Formula Ford meeting next year

Zig Zag Lighting Heritage Formula Ford will return to Cadwell Park next year following a successful first visit, with a Champion of Cadwell race for more modern cars also planned.

Heritage Formula Ford’s trip to the Lincolnshire circuit last weekend proved a popular addition to the calendar among the drivers competing, with Jaap Blijleven and Mike Gardner taking a win apiece.

“It’s a fabulous circuit”, said race one winner Blijleven. “It’s my first time [at Cadwell]. I’d heard about it, they call it the ‘Mini-Nurburgring’ and it’s fabulous. It’s not only the circuit itself but I really think that the whole way it’s set up, everything is nice.

“It’s narrow but it’s quick. It’s really quick. I really love it, hopefully next year they are going to organise it again because I want to race here again.”

“It’s brilliant, I love the track,” echoed race two winner Gardner. “I’ve won quite a few races here, it’s pretty much our local circuit. 

“More people should come along. Once they’ve driven it they will keep coming back.”

Heritage organiser James Beckett hailed the meeting a success, and confirmed that the championship will return to Cadwell Park in 2020.

“I’ve tried the last couple of years to run some races at Cadwell, either Champion of Cadwell or as part of a series,” Beckett told FF1600website. “I’d like a few more [drivers] but it worked really well, everyone’s had a great time and Heritage Formula Ford will be back at Cadwell next year.

“The people on the podium were saying it’s the best circuit they’ve ever raced at or their favourite circuit, how can you not come?”

Beckett, who also runs Champion of Brands, also confirmed that he is planning a repeat of the series’ ‘away day’ next year following the success of the Donington Park meeting earlier this year, but under a separate champion title.

“When the Champion of Brands went to Donington Park it was branded as Champion of Brands,” Beckett continued. “That race next year will become the Champion of Donington. It will be under a [separate] champion umbrella. 

Ollie White and Rory Smith took a win each at the Champion of Brands ‘away day’ in April this year

“Brands Hatch [the Champion of Brands series] will be totally unchanged, it will be five or six meetings as it always is but, if you go to Donington Park then you will become the Champion of Donington [if you win], not the Champion of Brands.”

Beckett is also planning to hold a Champion of Cadwell race next year on the same day as Heritage races at Cadwell Park.

“We will bring one of those races here [at Cadwell] at the same time that we bring Heritage so that people with more modern Formula Fords can come,” Beckett added.

“We might have the two Heritage races and one race which is specifically for newer cars. Then at the end of the day, everybody could race together and have a bit of finale. That’s work in progress.”

Beckett believes that single events that offer a ‘champion’ title are ideal for drivers who are unable to compete in full a championship.

“It’s adding no more races to the programme really, it’s just rebranding what we offer to try and give those races a bit more of an appeal.

“People who don’t have the budget to do a whole championship could come and do those races and feel like, at the end of the season, they might be the Champion of Donington or the Champion of Cadwell. On a CV that’s good.”

Photos courtesy of Wayne Pearson

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