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Kohlbecker critical of driving standards during Kirkistown National round

Cliff Dempsey Racing’s Spike Kohlbecker has voiced criticism of driving standards during the first Avon Tyres BRSCC National Formula Ford 1600 race at Kirkistown last week.

It proved to be an incident-packed two days at the Northern Irish circuit, with Friday’s first race a particularly heated affair following a number of clashes up and down the field.

“People are not respecting each other,” Kohlbecker told FF1600website. “People weren’t driving properly in race one, everyone was too anxious coming in.”

“I had to take avoidance of three to four crashes in one race, which is absurd, it’s just not safe. But as the weekend went on it got better.”

The Clerk of the Course investigated several matters over the weekend, with most declared racing incidents, but Kohlbecker felt that some warranted further action.

“I believe some of the calls they made this weekend were unbelievably wrong. It’s just absurd the decisions they’ve made.

“I’m not going to name drivers but some of the things should have been penalised. It’s just dangerous what people have done.”

Kohlbecker’s CDR team-mate Clarke was similarly unamused with the frenetic nature of race one, having spun off on the approach to the final hairpin after rear-end contact with championship leader Ross Martin.

“Race one was just a shitfest, to be totally honest, it was bumper cars,” said Clarke.

Clarke went on to echo Kohlbecker’s remarks that Saturday’s two races had been an improvement on the previous day’s action.

“Race two was a mega race, I just got caught out. Me, Ross and Jon[athan Browne] were all jostling for position and I just caught the back of Jon’s wheel, but I don’t think the race was that bad afterwards,” said Clarke, who had crashed out on the final lap of race two.

“It was certainly aggressive this weekend but I don’t think it was that bad overall.

“Perhaps it’s also because it’s coming to the end of the season. We’ve got two more rounds after this, it’s starting to get a bit hot, and I think people are just pushing a bit harder and being a bit more ruthless.”

Despite losing ground to Martin in the first two races, Kohlbecker kept his title hopes alive with maximum points in race three.

He finished second behind Ivor McCullough after benefiting from last-lap contact between Martin and B-M Racing’s Rory Smith, picking up race-winning points due to McCullough’s guest status.

“A win is a win,” said Kohlbecker on his maximum points-haul in the third race.

“It’s not how I’d like to win it but it was a good strong race. We’ve still got six more races to go so this weekend was good for championship points.”

Additional reporting by Alasdair Lindsay

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