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Grant beats Livingston again in the Gold Cup at Oulton Park

Callum Grant won the second HSCC Historic Formula Ford race at Outlon Park in dominant style, coming home almost four seconds ahead of Pierre Livingston.

The race began as a rerun of the first, with Classic Team Merlyn’s Livingston sneaking past Grant twice on the opening lap, but Grant was now practised at holding off his chief rival of the moment and slowly built up a decent lead over him.

Benjamin Tusting, Livingston’s Classic Team Merlyn team-mate, reclaimed his customary position just behind Livingston, but he was some way back and he was pushed all the way by Clive Richards’s Merlyn.

Richards kept Tusting well within sight for the rest of the race and was only a couple of tenths behind him at the finish.

The pair of them had to pass Ted Pearson’s Merlyn Mk11/17. Pearson got a great start and was in third place during the first lap, a welcome development after his car developed gearbox problems on the last lap of Race One.

He could not hold off the faster Merlyns of Richards and Tusting though, finishing fifth after scrapping with Brian Morris (Lola T202) in the latter part of the race. Morris, in sixth, was the first non-Merlyn home.

Tim Brise, yet another Merlyn driver, had been part of a three-car group with Pearson and Morris but he was nearly six seconds behind Morris by the finish. Rob Smith was further back in eighth and had to pass his Radio Caroline Over 50 crown to Richards temporarily. Returning driver James Buckton (Elden Mk8) and Ross Drybrough (Merlyn Mk20) made up the top ten.

Danny Stanzl had another nightmare race and had to retire his Elden to the pits very early on. Matthew Wrigley was also fighting with his car, having had great pace in qualifying.

Grant’s reappearance has kept Pierre Livingston somewhat back from the absent Cameron Jackson in the championship standings; Grant’s success might tempt him to enter more rounds in the latter third of the season.

Race results

Pos Class Driver Car Gap
1   Grant Merlyn Mk20 11 laps
2   Pierre Livingston Merlyn Mk20 +3.864
3   Benjamin Tusting Merlyn Mk20 +6.944
4 50 Clive Richards Merlyn Mk20 +7.072
5 50 Pearson Merlyn Mk11/17 +18.386
6 50 Morris Lola T202 +18.651
7 50 Tim Brise Merlyn Mk20 +24.492
8 50 Smith Merlyn Mk20 +25.911
9   Buckton Elden Mk8/10 +27.276
10   Drybrough Merlyn Mk20 +27.368
11 50 Stanzl Crossle 16F +48.155
12   Hamilton Lotus 51 +75.658
13   Freddie Lillingston-Price Merlyn Mk11 +90.566
14 50 Adams Lotus 61 +91.202
15   Cove March 709 +91.746
16 50 Dick Dixon Lotus 61 +92.401
17 50 Underwood Merlyn Mk20 +112.886
18   Stanzl Elden Mk8  

Fastest lap: Browne, 1m01.240s

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