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Herron and Sharp’s paddock quarrel ends with penalty

A fine and penalty points were handed out to Will Herron after the first BRSCC Avon Tyres National FF1600 race at Kirkistown, following an on-track clash and subsequent quarrel with Jamie Sharp.

Friday’s first race was a heated affair up and down the grid, with several collisions and no less than three incidents ending up under scrutiny from the Clerk of the Course, one of which was between Herron and Sharp.

A slow exit from a corner by Sharp – which according to Team Dolan boss Bernard Dolan was caused by a missed gear – caused Herron to hit the back of Sharp’s Van Diemen, putting Herron’s car into the air.

Post-race, Herron accosted the Sharp camp in pitlane and then the Team Dolan garage, and expressed regret for his heat-of-the-moment reaction.

“I feel like I was brake tested, and I ended up in the air and the car came down, a lot of damage and my leg was pinned because the wishbone came right through the bodywork,” explained Herron.

“At that time the adrenaline is going, I just wanted to get out of the car and make my feelings clear but his father was there and there was a bit of a scuffle, pushing and shoving.

“In hindsight, it is what it is, we’ve all made up. I’ve had a word with his father and a word with Sharp himself and it’s all good, all in the past. Bygones are bygones.”

Herron was given three penalty points and a £200 fine by the Clerk of the Course for “aggressive behaviour” for his part in the post-race fallout.

Sharp declined to comment on the incident.

There was another post-race paddock incident also investigated by the Clerk of the Course between B-M Racing’s Rory Smith and championship leader Ross Martin, another Dolan driver.

Smith had strongly expressed his displeasure directly towards Martin after rear-ending the reigning Scottish FF1600 champion on the pit straight during race three. The pair had been battling for second place as the last lap began.

Contact between the pair had punched a hole in the front nosecone of Smith’s Medina, while Martin’s gearbox sustained damage.

Smith dropped behind Cliff Dempsey Racing pair Spike Kohlbecker and Jonathan Browne to finish fourth, while Martin’s engine was destroyed by an over-revving engine caused by the gearbox problem and fell to seventh at the flag.

No action was taken by officials after a review of the incident.

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