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Morris flies to Classic lead in combative Snetterton encounter

Rick Morris won the first Luna Logistics Classic Formula Ford encounter of the weekend at Snetterton, speeding away into the lead after Mike Gardner’s Crossle retired.

Qualifying pace seemed to suggest that the race would be a square fight between Morris’s Royale and Gardner. Gardner tried one of his trademark overtaking moves into Riches on one lap, but Morris was too quick.

A third of the way into the race, Gardner’s left rear tyre broke and he had to retire, leaving Morris with an unassailable lead.

Battles broke out further down the field not long after, with returning Crossle driver Craig Currie narrowly beating Simon Jackson to second place.

The two traded the position as Jackson recovered from a underwhelming start. Scott Guthrie (Crossle 25F) kept in touch with the pair of them throughout to finish fourth.

Guest entrant Gislain Genecand made a late break to finish fifth in his Crossle, leading another highly competitive pack that included Tim Harvey.

Harvey did not get away well and dropped as low as 10th, having changed the gear ratios on his Van Diemen. He had to push hard to defeat Mark Armstrong, who picked up speed later in the race, and Will Zanelli in the ex-Adriano Medeiros “Jesus Saves” Crossle.

Zanelli dropped to the back of their pack at about three-quarters distance, having been three in a row with Harvey and Armstrong into Riches at an earlier point. He took the additional point for fastest lap.

Kevin Mansell (Crossle 32F) got right in on the action late on and was challenging Harvey and Armstrong hard by the last lap. With Harvey finishing down in sixth, he has now conceded the Class A points lead to Morris.

Class B winner Stuart Kestenbaum was 10th overall, having run as high as fifth and engaged in early skirmishes with Armstrong. His Crossle had a gear selection problem. Ian Jeary was the second B class finisher in 13th, driving his Niki Lauda tribute Dulon.

Race results

Pos Class Driver Car Time
1 A Rick Morris Royale 10 laps
2 A Craig Currie Crossle +5.110
3 A Simon Jackson Javelin +5.208
4 A Scott Guthrie Crossle +6.208
5   Gislain Genecand Crossle +12.350
6 A Tim Harvey Van Diemen +13.070
7 A Mark Armstrong Van Diemen +13.119
8 A Kevin Mansell Crossle +14.023
9 A Will Zanelli Van Diemen +14.676
10 B Stuart Kestenbaum Crossle +18.207
11 A Steve Pearce Van Diemen +30.746
12 A Alan Fincham Van Diemen +32.095
13 B Ian Jeary Dulon +43.587
14 B David Lowe Lotus +1:18.100
15 A Phil Attwood Crossle +1:19.533
16 A Ben Hadfield Van Diemen +1:29.088
17 A George Ditchfield Van Diemen +1:59.591
18 A Michael Saunders PRS +1:59.998
DNF A Jordan Harrison Lola  
DNF A Terry Durdin Crossle  
DNF A Rupert Howe Royale  
DNF A Mike Gardner Crossle  
Fastest lap: Genecand, 2:08.372
Championship standings
Class A   1 Morris 83   2 Harvey 78   3 Mansell 56   4 Armstrong 54   5 Kestenbaum 32   6 Ben Tinkler 27   7 Harrison 25   8 Pearce 24   9 Jackson 21   10 Currie 13
Class B   1 Lowe 32   2 Kestenbaum 26   3 Simon Hadfield 25   4 Jeary 18   5 Kevin Stanzl 12   6 Matthew Wrigley 11   7 Ron Haslam 7   8 Tiff Needell 3   9 Adrian Reynard 2   10 Saunders 1

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