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Michael Eastwell to make National FF1600 comeback with KMR

Michael Eastwell will return to BRSCC Avon Tyres National FF1600 Championship action with Kevin Mills Racing after taking time out of racing at the start of the year.

He is scheduled to race in the three remaining rounds of the National FF1600 before entering the end-of-year Formula Ford Festival and Walter Hayes Trophy.

Eastwell finished the 2018 season in second place in the National FF1600 with Kevin Mills Racing.

Explaining how the comeback came about, Eastwell said: “After calling it quits at the beginning of the year for a while, Kevin [Mills, team owner] had been on to me, cheekily; ‘Do you want to come back to FFord any time? You know where to find me.’”

“Kev put absolutely no pressure on me getting back. He did what any good friend would do, he was very supportive.

“But he put in cheeky comments too, ’wish you were here’ like comments really, which was nice and encouraging.”

“I saw him a couple of days ago, a month ago, and you get talking racing and you reminisce a little.

“I’d had four or five months out of the race seat, and I started to feel like I was at a point I wanted to try and get back in the car.”

Eastwell had been chasing a USF2000 drive for the 2019 season after taking part in the Road to Indy shootout where he reached the final six.

However, he missed out on the $200,000 prize fund and took some time away from the race track after he burnt himself out at the beginning of the year.

“I really had just burnt myself out at the beginning of the year.

“[I] gave it 100% to try and make my dream happen which was running USF2000 this year and ultimately trying to climb the Road to Indy ladder and further a career in IndyCar.”

“Unfortunately I did get to a point just as I was starting to test the USF2000 car at the beginning of the year, I’d been getting up first thing in the morning and starting to work and going to bed at 1am or 2am [just] to try and get things done.

“By the time it got round to getting the car, I was still working on proposals and projects, and it hit me with flu around that time, flu which took me about two months to get over in the end. It really was awful.”

“I’m feeling much better at the moment and genuinely looking forward to getting back in the car.

“I’d be more than happy to get into it tomorrow if it was available!”

Eastwell’s first scheduled race in one of KMR’s Spectrums will be at Kirkistown on 23/24 August.

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