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Collision brings end to Alaric Gordon and Juiceie Bruceie’s Oulton running

Super Classic runners Alaric Gordon and Juiceie Bruceie ended the most recent BRSCC Avon Tyres Northern FF1600 round at Oulton Park early after an on-track incident.

The collision occurred in the closing stages of race one when reigning Northern POst-’89 champion Gordon struck Bruceie’s Reynard, which had stopped at the chicane, resulting in the race ending early under red flags.

Both drivers were unharmed in the incident, but the damage to both drivers’ cars meant that they could not take part in the day’s second race.

Bruceie told FF1600website that a brake issue had initially caused him to stop.

“The brake caliper has come off the upright, or the fitting that holds the brake caliper broke off the upright, and that jammed the real wheel and broke the rear disk. Time to go home.”

Despite the car sustaining further damage after being struck by Gordon, the inimitable Bruceie was still in good spirits.

“The best thing about it, see all these bits,” he said, pointing to his limbs. “They’re still attached and they still work.”

Gordon held his hand up for the incident, which he said was due to him initially misreading exactly where Bruceie’s car had stopped.

“When you come down the hilltop with the angles, I actually thought he was on the grass,” said Gordon. 

“I could see the yellow flags and Bruceie’s car and went back to focusing on braking and turning in and then realised he was straight across the track.

“I spoke to a couple of other drivers and they were nearly thrown by that visual perception. If you haven’t been in that situation in a racing car it’s really difficult for people to understand how easy it is for something like that to happen.”

“[The crash]’s pulled out one of the wishbones from the chassis. It’s been put back away in it’s box.”

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