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Mike Gardner’s Heritage FFord podium “looked more comfortable than it felt”

Two-time Classic FF1600 champion Mike Garder said his podium finish “looked more comfortable than it felt” during his Zig Zag Lighting Heritage Formula Ford outing at Snetterton.

Gardner ran his Crossle 32F at the event, which he said was mainly to prepare for the next Luna Logistics Classic FFord round at the same circuit.

“We’re back here in a couple of weeks time for the Classic FFord,” Gardner told FF1600website. “That’s pretty much why we’re doing this [Heritage round] to get used to it again, and get the feel of it.” 

Gardner took Class B honours for Pre-‘82 cars in race one, held in wet conditions, finishing a comfortable second overall behind runaway winner Oliver White.

“It was quite difficult really,” said Gardner after the race. “We thought it probably wasn’t worth putting new tyres on for this weekend.

“We thought we would get away with some tyres that are good for the dry. After qualifying we made a few changes, but it was worse in the race.

“It probably looked more comfortable than it felt. We changed the rake in the car, we thought it might make it a bit better, and went different on the tyre pressures, and it really was difficult to drive.”

Gardner admitted that even without his struggles in the race, the result would not have been any different, given White’s dominance.

“If everything had been going 100% we would have been nowhere near Ollie White.”

For race two, Gardner reverted to the set-up he had used in qualifying, which he said made the car feel “pretty good, back to how it was [in qualifying].”

He again ran in second for part of the race, before being passed by White’s Souley Motorsport team-mate Peter Lucas. But shortly afterwards, he was forced to retire from the race following a spin into the barriers.

“I was following Lucas, who had just overtook me for second place. I could have challenged him into the first corner but I thought I’d just keep the pressure on.

“As I went through, he got it really sideways and I thought he was going to spin and, to avoid hitting him I’ve come off the power and spun myself into the barrier on the inside and hit that quite hard. 

“There’s not too much damage anyway, that’s the main thing”.

Gardner also said he experienced no issues with his shoulder, following an injury which sidelined him from racing for over a year: “It’s just good to be back after my shoulder injury and that’s all alright, so I’m pleased about that.”

Photo courtesy of Wayne Pearson

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