Gronkowski: David Leslie win “one of the best feelings I’ve had racing”

Scottish FF1600 points leader Jordan Gronkowski credits winning the David Leslie Trophy for a second time as “one of the best feelings I’ve had racing”.

Gronkowski sealed the win on the final lap at Knockhill last weekend after a mistake from guest driver Matt Cowley. The victory adds to Gronkowski’s first triumph in 2013.

“The fact that it’s the father-son team, [David Leslie] and his dad obviously worked closely together, that means a lot as well, to honour David Leslie in this way,” Gronkowski told FF1600website afterwards.

“David raced at the same time in karts as my dad. Before I even knew anything about racing Dad said to me ‘this guy, David Leslie, he’s always so smooth and he was just amazing’. He was in touring cars at the time.

“He was just this icon. To have my name now twice on his trophy, to win it like that, it means so much.

“The way this happened, knowing that we had the fastest package all weekend, we hadn’t really been able to show – it in the way that Matt had amazingly defended the lead, that frustration of not being able to be in front and pull away.

“Then for it to come in such a short space of time, the emotion just pours out. This is one of the best feelings I’ve had racing. They spelt my name wrong on it the first time, so hopefully they can spell it right this time!

“Every time somebody reminds me it’s the 50th year of Formula Ford in Scotland, I’m the first person to have my name on it [the DLT] twice, it’s 20 years since we started racing. All these things, motorsport’s got a funny way of all these numbers coming together.”

The win puts Gronkowski on the brink of his first Scottish FF1600 title, which can be won at the next race in September. He’s not thinking of it as a done deal though.

“It’s been obvious for a while we’re having a very good year, but for us, it’s more about the journey it’s taken.

“We didn’t start racing [karts] and think we’d be in cars, it was just some play, so to be in the country’s national FFord championship, it’s beyond any dream we’ve ever had.

“Disasters could happen obviously. Until it’s mathematically done, I’m trying not to think about it too much.

“When that happens, if that happens, then the weight is going to be 20 years’ worth of effort off my shoulders. It’ll be amazing. For the moment, I’m just savouring this.”

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