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Morris and Harrison dispute last lap Classic crash

Rick Morris felt Jordan Harrison was completely to blame for their last lap accident in the first Luna Logistics Classic Formula Ford Championship round at Thruxton on Saturday.

Morris and Harrison spent the majority of the race fighting each other for the lead until they crashed at the final chicane on the last lap.

The pair were side-by-side going into the chicane but Harrison went wide, lost the back end of his car and hit Morris, causing both drivers to go off the track.

Speaking about the incident, Morris said: “I was in the lead. He was on my outside. I braked later into the chicane and he hit my back wheel.

“He hit me and spun me round and then he spun and he collected me again. He has apologised but that’s no good for my championship is it?”

Although Harrison was apologetic for the accident, he felt that it was a racing incident.

“It was a shame it finished that way but sometimes it does,” commented Harrison.

“It was 50/50. I thought I’d send it down the outside and if we hadn’t touched wheels, I’d have probably had a chance of going through”.

Morris suffered a broken bottom wishbone as a result of the accident but he was able to get his car across the line to finish fourth.

Harrison failed to complete the race as his Lola T504E had a smashed radiator and nosecone, which resulted in him losing coolant and brake fluid.

Despite the damage to his Royale RP29, Morris was able to get his car repaired in time for the second race and he went on to take victory ahead of Tim Harvey.

Harrison did not take part in the second round as his nosecone had suffered substantial damage and he did not have a spare.

Image courtesy of Andrew Ellis

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