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Tarling ends Jackson dominance with Brands Hatch victory

Richard Tarling ended Cameron Jackson’s domination of HSCC Historic FFord Championship sponsored by Carless Race Fuels this year by winning the second Brands Hatch Grand Prix race.

Jackson had won the first eight races of the season and started the second race from pole – with the race using a rolling start to match the format used in the opening race.

Jackson, driving a Winkelmann WDF2, kept the lead from the start until the third lap when Tarling (Jayman T2) passed Jackson into Paddock Hill bend.

The pair remained close for all but the final lap of the 13-lap race as they swapped positions.

Tarling also set a new lap record during the race on lap eight, a time which helped him set up a move around the outside of Paddock Hill to reclaim the lead.

Although Jackson was able to re-pass with a few laps to go, he was held up by backmarkers on the penultimate lap which allowed Tarling to make an opportunistic move to take the lead and the win.

Ed Thurston (Merlyn Mk20A) finished in third place after he made a move on Pierre Livingston halfway through the race.

Livingston, also driving a Merlyn Mk20A, beat Linton Stutley to fourth.

Stutley had a 10-second gap over Daniel Stanzl (Elden Mk8) who finished in sixth place before a group of seven cars separated by just over five seconds.

Will Nuthall was seventh in a Jamun T2, bringing him into the top 10 in the standings, with Clive Richards finishing eighth and taking the Over 50s class win.

Ross Drybrough lost seventh in the standings to Thurston with a ninth place finish, as Ted Pearson completed the top 10.

Brian Morris (Lola T202) rounded out the Over 50s podium in 11th, beating Rob Smith (Merlyn Mk20) by 0.197s.

Benjamin Tusting (Merlyn Mk20A) lost further ground in the title race, climbing from 30th on the grid to finish in 13th place after retiring in race one.

Race results

Pos Class Driver Car Time
1 Richard Tarling Jamun 13 laps
2 Cameron Jackson Winkelmann +1.078
3 Ed Thurston Merlyn +4.205
4 Pierre Livingston Merlyn +7.194
5 Linton Stutely Royale +8.700
6 Daniel Stanzl Elden +18.221
7 Will Nuthall Jamun +22.621
8 50 Clive Richards Merlyn +22.840
9 Ross Drybrough Merlyn +23.233
10 50 Ted Pearson Merlyn +23.482
11 50 Brian Morris Lola +27.642
12 50 Rob Smith Merlyn +27.839
13 Benjamin Tusting Merlyn +28.142
14 50 Tiff Needell Lotus +28.692
15 50 Tim Brise Merlyn +46.938
16 50 Antony Ross Lola +47.032
17 50 Kevin Stanzl Crossle +47.814
18 50 Greg Thornton Titan +48.695
19 50 Paul Unsworth Palliser +56.024
20 50 Dick Dixon Lotus +1:15.797
21 50 Matthew Sturmer Macon +1:27.061
22 50 Chris Sharples Palliser +1:28.229
23 50 Stephen King Macon +1:33.956
24 50 John Slack Lola +1:35.760
25 50 Rudolf Ersnt Titan +1:37.902
26 Freddie Lillingston-Price Merlyn +1 lap
27 50 Kevin Williams Merlyn +1 lap
DNF Ian Jeary Dulon
DNF 50 Louis Hanjoul Elden
DNF 50 Steve Mansell Macon
Fastest lap: Tarling, 1:38.185
Championship standings
1 Jackson 220   2 Livingston 132   3 Tusting 109   4 Callum Grant 100   5 D Stanzl 93   6 Smith 71   7 Thurston 64   8 Drybrough 58   9 Pearson 54   10 Nuthall 46

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