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Tom McArthur makes amends with Northern race two victory at Anglesey

B-M Racing’s Tom McArthur made up for losing victory at the last corner of the first BRSCC Avon Tyres Northern Formula Ford 1600 race at Anglesey by beating his brother to the win in race two.

Elder brother Dave had pole position but it was Tom who made the better start from second, hanging his year-old Medina around the outside at turn one.

That gave Tom McArthur the inside line for The Banking, grabbing a lead he would not relinquish to the end of the race.

Pascal Monbaron repeated his race one podium finish in third place, gradually edging ahead of SCD class winner John Murphy’s Merlyn Mk20A.

Nick Barnes was on the move throughout, using the same move to good effect on his rise from third to first in SCB.

The Swift FB89 driver dived to the outside on the entry of Rocket when challenging both Stuart Jones and Ian Schofield, getting a run on the former’s Reynard 84FF around the halfway mark and then picking off the latter’s 89FF on the last lap.

Jack Wolfenden’s hopes of a surge up the field after his race one retirement, which had forced him to start from the back of the grid, were short lived.

A move on Richard Ketterman around the outside of Rocket on the opening lap ended with Wolfenden spinning out and pitting thereafter.

Ketterman also picked up damage from their contact and was forced to pit, finishing two laps down in 11th.

Juiceie Bruceie was ninth and had a lonely race as his car continued to struggle with clutch issues.

He swapped places with Oldfield Motorsport’s YRDA-backed driver Abby Munro more than once, having conceded a place by going off on the entry to the Corkscrew.

But their battle came to a definitive end when Murno was forced to stop with mechanical issues.

Car racing rookie Simon Fraser, taking part in his second FF1600 meeting, completed the top 10.

Race results

Pos Class Driver Car Time
1 P Tom McArthur Medina 10 laps
2 P David McArthur Medina +1.132
3 P Pascal Monbaron Van Diemen +21.327
4 SCD John Murphy Merlyn +28.517
5 SCB Nick Barnes Swift +38.737
6 SCB Ian Schofield Reynard +39.301
7 SCB Stuart Jones Reynard +49.079
8 P Jack Wolfenden Firman +1:22.397
9 SCB Juiceie Bruceie Reynard +1:44.809
10 SCB Simon Fraser Van Diemen +1 lap
11 SCB Richard Ketterman Reynard +2 laps
DNF P Abby Munro Van Diemen  

Fastest lap: D McArthur, 1:34.791

Championship standings

Wolfenden 105   2 Nigel Dolan 99   D McArthur 87   4 Rory Smith 63   5 Ross Martin 59   6 T McArthur 59   7 Monbaron 48   8 Jamie Sharp 46   9 Morgan Quinn 38   10 Neil McArthur 27
Super Classic
1 Schofield 181   2 Bruceie 142   3 Barnes 90   4 Murphy 68   5 Ketterman 57   6 Alaric Gordon 54   7 Fraser 51   8 Jones 46   9 Nelson 42   10 Patrick Humphreys 40   = Trevor Morgan 40   

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