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David McArthur scores last corner win in first Anglesey Northern race

BRSCC Avon Tyres Northern Formula Ford 1600 Anglesey polesitter David McArthur scored a dramatic victory after a mistake dropped his younger brother Tom to second at the final corner.

Driving the 2018 Medina chassis, the younger McArthur made a better getaway off the line, going around the outside of the first corner, giving him the inside line for The Banking.

But his B-M Racing team-mate David, driving the new-for-2019 Medina BH19, remained within touching distance throughout and pounced when Tom had a snap of oversteer through the last corner of the race, slipping past to take victory.

“It was getting greasier and greasier and David was catching me,” said Tom, who was still a comfortable second.

“I got caught in two minds and didn’t know whether to go for the outside line for the wet grip or hog the inside line and just power up and hope to block him.

“I ended up on the middle of the circuit facing sideways. He just had my pants down really!”

JRT Van Diemen driver Pascal Monbaron completed the podium places, resisting late pressure from SCD class winner John Murphy’s Merlyn Mk20A.

Both had been promoted at the expense of Jack Wolfenden, who spun into the barriers at The Banking and damaged the rear of his Firman.

His Myerscough College team is now in a race to repair the car in time for race two, with the impact having taken off the right-rear wheel on his car.

SCB class winner Ian Schofield resisted race-long pressure from Stuart Jones’s Reynard 84FF in their battle for fifth place.

Jones was able to get a better run out of Church and up the long climb towards Rocket multiple times and even attempted a pass down the inside more than once.

But ultimately he was unable to find a way past, with the inside at entry to Rocket also the outside for the following phase of the turn, which allowed Schofield to hold the position.

Nick Barnes was seventh, making his way up from 13th on the grid and passing YRDA-backed Oldfield Motorsport driver Abby Munro with two laps to go.

Juiceie Bruceie had started the race on the tail of the Schofield-Jones battle but a damaged clutch hampered his laptimes and was powerless to keep his rivals behind.

He finished ninth, 1.5s ahead of fellow SCB runner Richard Ketterman who completed the top 10 and Simon Fraser in 11th.

Phil Nelson had dropped to the back on the first lap after a spin at the Bus Stop and was on Ketterman’s tail for several laps but retired on the last lap, with the oil pressure warning light showing on his Hawke DL2B.

SCD championship leader Nelson’s oil pressure issue has also ruled him out of competing in race two this afternoon.

Race results

Pos Class Driver Car Gap
1 P David McArthur Medina 21:07.743
2 P Tom McArthur Medina +0.866
3 P Pascal Monbaron Van Diemen +16.296
4 SCD John Murphy Merlyn +16.621
5 SCB Ian Schofield Reynard +34.713
6 SCB Stuart Jones Reynard +38.792
7 SCB Nick Barnes Swift +39.481
8 P Abbie Munro Van Diemen +41.644
9 SCB Juiceie Bruceie Reynard +1 lap
10 SCB Richard Ketterman Reynard +1 lap
11 SCB Simon Fraser Van Diemen +1 lap
DNF SCD Phil Nelson Hawke  
DNF P Jack Wolfenden Firman  
Fastest lap: D McArthur, 1:38.549

Championship standings

1 Nigel Dolan 99   2 Wolfenden 83   3 Rory Smith 63   4 Ross Martin 59   5 D McArthur 58   6 Jamie Sharp 46   7 Morgan Quinn 38   8 Neil McArthur 27   9 T McArthur 27   10 Monbaron 24
Super Classic
1 Schofield 157  2 Bruceie 122  3 Barnes 61    4 Gordon 54   5 Phil Nelson 42   6 Richard Ketterman 42   7 Patrick Humphreys 40   8 Trevor Morgan 40   9 Seamus Wild 39   10 Murphy 36

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