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Jackson beats Tusting to Snetterton Historic pole despite traffic

Cameron Jackson took pole for the first HSCC Historic Formula Ford race on Snetterton’s 200 layout, despite encountering traffic on his last flying lap.

Classic Team Merlyn’s Benjamin Tusting topped the times early on, and with just under six minutes to go Jackson moved to the front.

Jackson then broke the 1m20s barrier, setting a 1m19.980s lap. Tusting responded with a lap just a tenth slower, and they mirrored each other’s strategies by returning to the pits with three minutes to go.

“The rear tyre pressures came up a bit and I felt the Winkelmann dancing around,” Jackson explained to FF1600website.

“I decided to nip in and I thought I’d have time for another lap. So adjusted the tyre pressures, and the rear left had come up 1.5 pounds, so not ideal.

“Brought them back down, went out. Next lap was quite quick. I was quite happy with that.”

Jackson’s first flying lap back on track was faster than all but the benchmarks he and Tusting had set, and he crossed the line with 15 seconds to go, granting him another chance to improve.

“Then I had Simon Toyne ahead of me, who runs with us. I was catching him and I got a perfect tow down the back straight on my last flying lap.

“I think I was going to be about four tenths up, but there was a backmarker at Coram, found him at just the wrong place. That was quite unfortunate, but still got pole, so I’m delighted.”

Linton Stutely was third fastest, just under half a second behind, with Rob Smith taking the Over 50 class pole in fourth.

Late entrant Stutely, who received the engine for his Royale RP3 just a week before the event, pitted early in the session and didn’t improve thereafter.

Tusting’s team-mate Pierre Livingston was fifth fastest, with Callum Grant and Gislain Genecand the last two drivers in the 1m20s behind him.

Poleman Jackson’s brother Dominik, driving a Crossle 20F, qualified ninth in a impressive one-off, while Daniel Stanzl recovered from spending the majority of the session in the pits to jump up to 14th at the end.

Qualifying results

Pos Class Driver Car Gap
1 Cameron Jackson Winkelmann WDF2 1:19.980
2 Benjamin Tusting Merlyn Mk20A +0.097
3 Linton Stutley Royale RP3 +0.472
4 50 Rob Smith Merlyn Mk20 +0.504
5 Pierre Livingston Merlyn Mk20A +0.761
6 50 Callum Grant Merlyn Mk20A +0.817
7 50 Gislain Genecand Crossle 16F +0.998
8 50 Ted Pearson Merlyn Mk11/17 +1.084
9 Dominik Jackson Crossle 20F +1.158
10 Simon Toyne Lola T200 +1.382
11 50 Stuart Kestenbaum Crossle 16F +2.226
12 50 Chris Stuart Crossle 16F +2.523
13 50 Kevin Stanzl Crossle 16F +2.603
14 Ross Dryborough Merlyn Mk20 AS +2.651
15 Daniel Stanzl Elden Mk8 +2.751
16 50 Brian Morris Lola T202 +2.896
17 50 Dick Dixon Lotus 61 +4.728
18 50 Louis Hanjoul Elden Mk8/10 +5.058
19 50 Nigel Adams Lotus 61 +7.210
20 50 Andy Langridge Lotus 61 +8.912
21 50 Nick Arden Merlyn Mk11A +10.081

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