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Colborn set for Heritage debut in June despite Combe rollover

Castle Combe FF1600 by Melksham Motor Spares rookie James Colborn has confirmed that he will be returning to racing action in June, despite rolling his car at the last meeting.

Colborn, who has signed up to compete a full season in the Formula Ford Castle Combe championship this year, is also plotting a debut appearance in Zig Zag Lighting Heritage Formula Ford at Oulton Park next month.

But Colborn’s season was at risk of being derailed when he rolled his Wayne Poole Racing-prepared Van Diemen RF89, having tangled with another car at Bobbies with just over five minutes left of qualifying.

“As I went to turn in to Bobbies another driver was on one of their fast laps. He was committed to the corner and thought I was letting him through” Colborn told FF1600website.

“I think his wheel was on the inside of my rear right wheel and I just drove over his wheel and in doing so I think that is what caused the clip and so then I just rolled a few times.”

Although Colborn was surprised that another driver would make a “passing move in qualifying at Bobbies” he said he had spoken to the driver after the incident and they both agreed it was a racing accident.

“I don’t think you can get two cars through there anyway so I wasn’t anticipating it so I didn’t check my mirrors.

“I turned down thinking no one would be there.

“After he and I chatted, he said, in hindsight, maybe it is something he shouldn’t have gone for seeing as his lap would have been compromised anyway.

“I said that I shouldn’t have turned down without a secondary glance so we called it a racing incident.”

Despite rolling the car, Colborn believes Wayne Poole Racing will be able to repair it in time for his next race at Oulton Park in June.

Although both the suspension and bodywork took a lot of damage, the engine survived the incident intact.

His accident was the second red flag of qualifying after debutant Kieran Attwood crashed into the tyre wall on the start/finish straight.

“The car felt great going round Tower and Bobbies, the tyres felt good coming up to Camp but the fronts just didn’t want to bite.” said Attwood.

“So I gave it a dab of brake, turned in and the fronts just washed across which pushed me on to the grass.”

Despite the dramatic look of the accident, Attwood escaped suffering any major damage to his car.

Only the nosecone, rear roll bar, steering rack and a couple of tracking arms suffered any damage, and Attwood had left the pits to set a new flying lap when the session was red-flagged for Colborn’s crash.

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