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Rory Smith explains weekend-ending engine issues

BRSCC Avon Tyres National FF1600 title contender Rory Smith skipped the second race to avoid a “big blow-up”. He parked his Medina JL18 after race one at Oulton Park.

The B-M Racing driver won the opening round of the season at Snetterton, but has only finished one of the four races since then. He now sits ninth in the standings after his disastrous Oulton weekend.

Smith had qualified in sixth place when he noticed something was wrong.

“I was making my way through the pack [in race one] – I didn’t have the best qualifying ever – and an engine blade just failed,” he told ff1600website.

“I could feel the engine tightening up and I knew that if I kept going it would be a big blow-up. So I turned it off and pulled off to the side.

“There’s definitely something wrong with the engine. Unfortunately that was the end of the day for us as well, because we haven’t got a spare engine that’s ready to go.”

Smith’s team-mate Nicole Woods was entered into the Pro class at Oulton Park, meaning she could take some small, but crucial, points from the opposition with her two thirteenth places.

“The pace was pretty good during the race. We’ll definitely be up for the next one,” added Smith.

“We just need to try to sort it out. Hopefully it’s not too big a job and we can get a good engine back in, but we’ll see. We’ve got a bit of time, so hopefully it should be alright.”

The third round of the 2019 National FF1600 season takes place at Anglesey on the second weekend of June.

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