May Telemetry: FF1600website’s monthly update

Hello everyone,

Since we’re asking people to chip into our budget to fund its continued efforts to cover every single Formula Ford 1600 race taking place in Great Britain, we thought you should get an idea of what’s going on behind the scenes. We’ve been working hard to make sure we’re at every event providing qualifying and race reports, news updates and insightful feature content. Here’s an update on how we’re doing so far.

Our thanks to those who donated!

Firstly, we give our thanks to all of you who’ve chipped in to keep the site running. While we’re working on ways to make the site more financially sustainable in the long run, these contributions help keep the site ticking over and ensure that our enthusiastic young team of contributors are at every race weekend.

So, our thanks to the Luna Logistics Classic Formula Ford 1600 Championship, Border Reivers, John Svensson, Simon (Syd) Fraser, Malcolm Clarke, Matt Rivett, Nigel Dolan, Andrew Blair and Ian Campbell for their contributions to keep us up and running!

Content partnership with Formula Scout

We’ve further enhanced the reach of our Avon Tyres BRSCC National Formula Ford 1600 Championship and Scottish Formula Ford Championship coverage by striking up a content partnership with Formula Scout, the most popular English-speaking platform specialising in junior formulae.

Reports for both the BRSCC National and Scottish championships are syndicated to Formula Scout’s website, reaching a wider motorsport audience.

FF1600website’s reporting goes viral across the world

FF1600website broke the story of Brendon Leigh’s single-seater debut in the BRSCC National FF1600 championship last month.

It went viral across the world, with the story almost immediately syndicated to Autosport and It was subsequently picked up and shared by Formula 1’s official social media accounts and reported on by Reuters, the world’s largest news agency, with as its source.

Our coverage of the story reached as far and wide as South Africa, Mexico and Brazil, though was also picked up by mainstream outlets closer to home like The Sun, one of Britain’s most popular news platforms.

Given the far and wide reach of the story – which also included specialist sport titles like ESPN, Eurosport, RaceFans, WTF1, and others, we estimate that coverage of the story will have reached between 50,000–100,000 people, raising the profile of FF1600 as a racing category across the world.

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