Cowie rues “missed opportunity” after race one DNF

Kenny Cowie says he will not change his approach for the second Scottish FF1600 race of the weekend at Knockhill, despite crashing out of the opening encounter following contact with Neil Broome.

The Mygale driver started fourth after damaging his car on the high kerbs in qualifying and dropped as low as sixth following a poor getaway off the line.

Cowie made a series of late-braking overtakes to work his back into podium contention during the 12-lap race, but clashed with Broome’s Ray as the pair squabbled over second place with three laps remaining.

“The plan was that I would deliberately out-brake myself so that I would go deep into the Hairpin and get about a car length in front, which I think I managed to do,” Cowie told FF1600website.

“I tried to leave him just enough space towards the apex that there would be a car’s width, but it was too tight and I think it was ultimately just a racing incident.

“We’ve both had that conversation and these things happen, especially when you’re trying to go round the outside of a hairpin with someone.

“It’s a missed opportunity for sure, because I think we had the pace to be at least second.”

Cowie suffered a damaged pushrod and wishbone, which his Rotor Racing team is currently trying to repair ahead of the second race of the day.

Broome managed to continue following the clash, suffering minimal damage to the front right hand corner of his Ray and going on to finish fourth behind Matt Chisholm.

Broome was involved in further contact in the closing stages, when Graham Brunton Racing’s Cameron Thomson hit the rear of the Ray, bending the exhaust.

“The door was firmly closed on the inside and the plan was to defend, defend, defend,” Broome said.

“I did that for three laps and Kenny came round the outside, but unfortunately he just didn’t leave me enough space and we touched.

“But unbelievably, I came out of that incident relatively unscathed.

“I got passed by Logan [Hannah] and Cameron but managed to get back in front of Cameron on the run to Clark’s.

“And then he just clattered into the back of me and knocked the electrical cut-off and I lost all power.

“It came back when I flicked it back on but there was no time left to challenge Matt for third.”

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