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McCullough passes Davidson for Northern Irish lead

David McCullough took a double win in the second round of the Dawson WAM Northern Irish FF1600 championship, moving past Alan Davidson to the top of the standings.

The battle between the pair started in qualifying, where McCullough triumphed by a scant 0.063 seconds. It was Davidson who led initially though, with McCullough falling to third behind Will Herron.

Davidson then started to fall down the order, with Herron picking up the lead. He was being hounded by McCullough though, who had the faster car in the second half of the race, and he passed Herron for the lead on lap eight of 12.

While a slow seventh lap had thrown Davidson down to fourth, he was able to get back onto the podium by passing Scott Finlay late on.

In the second race Davidson posed a far greater threat to McCullough, despite once again losing an early lead. They were evenly matched throughout, with just one lap where one was more than a tenth of a second faster than the other.

The end gap between the pair was an incredible 0.010s, with McCullough the driver ahead.

Finlay retired from third early on, leaving Herron to take a easy podium.

Cameron Fenton, who drove for Team Dolan at the Walter Hayes Trophy last year, was quick once again but lost too many places in the early laps and took a seventh and 10th place finishes.

Results round-up

Race one
Pos Driver Car Gap
1 David McCullough Van Diemen 12 laps
2 Will Herron Van Diemen +1.307
3 Alan Davidson Mondiale +10.986
4 Andrew Blair Reynard +12.428
5 Scott Finlay Van Diemen +18.576
6 Ryan Campbell Reynard +19.091
7 Cameron Fenton Mondiale +28.405
8 Mike Todd Reynard +47.530
9 Henry Campbell Reynard +50.067
10 Allan McBurney Van Diemen +1:06.619
Pole: McCullough, 1:08.456      Fastest lap: McCullough, 1:07.377

Race two
Pos Driver Car Gap
1 David McCullough Van Diemen 13 laps
2 Alan Davidson Mondiale +0.010
3 Will Herron Van Diemen +5.190
4 Andrew Blair Reynard +18.859
5 Allan McBurney Van Diemen +33.243
6 Mike Todd Reynard +33.349
7 Henry Campbell Reynard +35.013
8 Robert Johnston Van Diemen +57.580
9 Jim Campbell Mondiale +1 lap
10 Cameron Fenton Mondiale +1 lap
FL: McCullough, 1:01.974
Championship standings
1 McCullough 73  2 Davidson 69  3 Herron 49  4 Finlay 30  5 Blair 20  6 Chris Paul 16  7 H Campbell 14  8 McBurney 13  9 Fenton 11  10 Todd 9

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