Luke Cooper’s 2019 plans up in the air amid engine issues

Luke Cooper’s 2019 plans are already up in the air following more engine troubles at the start of his racing season.

Despite an engine rebuild over the winter, further issues arose at the Champion of Brands meeting at Donington Park when he felt a loss of power from the engine in race two.

Cooper ran an engine taken from Swift-Cooper team-mate Thomas Capezzone’s car in the Castle Combe Racing Club FF1600 Championship sponsored by Melksham Motor Spares season opener but can’t do so again, meaning his season still hangs in the balance.

“I don’t actually have an engine at the moment so I’m borrowing an engine for Castle Combe,” Cooper told

“I can only borrow the engine for this race meeting. To continue racing this year I need to get my engine rebuilt which is going to be very expensive.

“I can’t really afford another engine rebuild, so I’ll have to make some decisions on my plans for this year.”

Cooper’s Swift Cooper SC16 was fitted with the engine that Capezzone used at the Champion of Brands meeting at Donington during Monday’s Castle Combe FF1600 season opener.

Capezzone and Cooper both drive the SC16 car, although Capezzone’s car is fitted with an engine from Bold Engines.

Cooper had an engine failure at the penultimate round of the 2018 Castle Combe FF1600 season before further issues at the 2018 Formula Ford Festival.

“I don’t think it’s a similar issue but we had a problem at the Festival with the engine,” Cooper said.

“The engine builders took the engine away to rebuild it ahead of this year. And the first meeting out, it’s had a problem straight away which is a big shame, and an expensive one as well.”

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