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New Medina now “spot on” after slow start in Northern

Medina’s new BH19 chassis is now “spot on” but has “not been represented well” according to David McArthur, who raced the car on its debut with B-M Racing last weekend.

McArthur debuted the car in the BRSCC Avon Tyres Northern FF1600 and Champion of Brands season openers and took a top five finish in each of the series.

After its debut run at Oulton Park, the BH19 was taken to Donington Park overnight for Sunday’s CoB ‘away day’ meeting, where McArthur qualified it sixth, and then took eighth and fourth place finishes.

“We had the pace to be with the lead group [in the Champions of Brands races],” McArthur told FF1600website.

“The pace is in the car to be doing the same times as Tom [McArthur] and Rory [Smith] are doing, and I just couldn’t get through [the field] in that first race.

“It doesn’t help that it was only five minutes long but, I didn’t drive well, I fell off the road a couple of times. It’s frustrating really, because the car is spot on, it’s just not been represented well by me.”

The car’s debut weekend wasn’t without teething troubles though, with McArthur pitting mid-race in the second Northern encounter to tweak the car’s set-up.

“We thought we’d dialled it in [during Northern testing] and we’ve gone too far the other way, so the car’s not quite there,” said McArthur after the Northern FF1600 races.

“It burned through the tyres far too quickly. It’s a bit frustrating really. I thought we’d be a bit closer than we were.”

“It was just a test session [last Saturday] really.”

Seemingly transformed, the Medina was much faster around Donington Park, with McArthur suggesting it had come on leaps and bounds between the two meetings less than 24 hours apart.

“We were about half a second to a second off [on Saturday] and today we’ve been within a couple of tenths, so we’re getting there.

“I just need to be clean about it, that’s the problem. I would just make a move and fall off the road.

“Part of that is rustiness, part of that is that the car behaves a bit differently to my old one when I’m really deep on the brakes, but we’ll get there, we’re learning.

McArthur previously raced a 2010 Van Diemen – a chassis he said “fit like an old glove” – before his switch to the brand new Medina.

“The new car – obviously I can’t fill you in on too many secrets – is a bit shorter. It’s harder to find the sweet spot and I think it requires a different driving style to what I’m accustomed to.

“Part of it is dialling the car in, part of it is dialling me in. It’ll come to us.”

Additional reporting by Steve Whitfield

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