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Mechanical woes hindered Northern Pre-’90 favourite Bruceie at Oulton

BRSCC Avon Tyres Northern FF1600 Pre-’90 title favourite Juiceie Bruceie’s victory hopes at the Oulton Park season opener.

Bruceie finished second in the standings last year with his Reynard 84FF, and occupies the same place after the first two races of 2019. In both encounters he finished a considerable distance behind winner Ian Schofield.

“We had mechanical problems all day,” Bruceie told FF1600website.

“But no sleep doesn’t help as well! I haven’t been to bed since yesterday [Friday]. As always, up all night racing!

“The exhaust went, and that melted the cable for the clutch, which gave me an inconsistent clutch in the first race.

In qualifying Bruceie was 2.869 seconds off the pace, but still second in class. Two Post-’89 cars separated Bruceie and poleman Schofield, and they stayed in front of Bruceie in the first race, leaving him nearly half a minute behind the winner.

“I repaired the exhaust during the interval but couldn’t do anything with the clutch and thought ‘whatever happens in this, happens, whatever comes of it is a bonus’.

“A lot of the time in the second race, I was just using fourth, because it just would not go anywhere. I just made the best of what I could and whatever we got was a bonus.

“It was a case of hanging on to them. By and large, even more work than what there was at 5am this morning. But, hey, you know, it happens. Get on with it! The car’s in one piece, I’m in one piece, we’ve got a couple of trophies – it’s been a good day!”

The 16-point championship deficit may not pose an obstacle to Bruceie in the long run, however. Schofield – a Champion of Oulton regular in the late 1980s – is uncertain which Northern rounds he can contest beyond Mallory Park and the first Anglesey meeting, due to other commitments in South Africa.

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