Thorburn “disappointed” to be so far off Gronkowski

Border Reivers driver Jamie Thorburn confessed he was “disappointed” to lose touch with Scottish Formula Ford rival Jordan Gronkowski in the opening round of the season.

Thorburn finished 8.5 seconds behind Gronkowski in the damp opening race, with Gronkowski admitting he “felt like Valtteri Bottas” as he set the fastest lap of the race to compliment his victory.

Although he was only at Knockhill for seat time ahead of a planned National campaign with his family-ran Border Reivers, Thorburn was hoping to have slightly more pace.

“[I’m] disappointed obviously because I’d like to think that as a team and as a driver we’re not a second off the pace that we were this morning, that’s never been an issue for us up here or down in the National,” Thorburn told FF1600website.

“But overall we got the most out of that race that we could. We gave Jordan a hard time in the first couple of corners but once he got up to speed it was kind of game over from there.”

The current iteration of Border Reivers, sharing its name with a famous Scottish team of the 1950s, had no experience of running cars itself and called on the help of Gavin Ray – the designer of its Ray GR18 – at Knockhill.

Set-up changes were made between qualifying and the first race as a result, but they didn’t seem to help.

“We changed quite a bit between qualifying and the race, some of it has worked but some of it hasn’t,” Thorburn continued.

“We don’t have a set-up there that we’re happy with which obviously is not great in the wet. We put the front tyres on the wrong way around which didn’t help much, that explains the understeer that I was having.

“We’ve got some stuff to find, some stuff to change, but at the end of the day we’re here testing and it’s just a bit of a fun weekend before we do the National in the summer.

“So there’s not a huge desperation to win or to chuck everything off trying, we’re just here to get a nice weekend under the belt so we know when we head to the National everything is in order and we can hit the ground running.”

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