GBR pair Reid and Thomson explain qualifying issues

A spin into the barriers during Kyle Reid’s first ever Scottish Formula Ford qualifying session was down to “trying to find the limits” of his Grahan Brunton Racing-prepared Ray.

Reid, who had never driven a single-seater car before this weekend, qualified sixth, the best placed of Graham Brunton Racing’s quartet of drivers, but spun off the road at Clark’s and collided with the barrier.

Fortunately the only damage sustained to his Ray was a cracked rod, which has now been repaired ready for the first race of the day.

“I was just trying to find the limits of the car, that was all,” Reid told FF1600website.

“I’ve looked at my onboard there and I’ve just come in, lost the car a little bit and it’s just dipped into the gravel with the rear-left, and snapped the front corner.

“I’m used to front-wheel-drive where you’re on the throttle all the time and the rear follows you, to now being in the rear-wheel-drive so it takes some learning.”

Reid is confident ahead of the opening race after showing encouraging pace in Saturday’s test session.

“We’re going to try and win obviously,” Reid continued.

“Yesterday we got into the 1m1s lap times and pole today was around that time so the pace is there, it’s just about trying to find some consistency and get through some traffic.

Reid’s team-mate Cameron Thomson qualified one place behind in seventh, suffering a moment of his own at Clark’s.

“We did a complete 360 spin, it was quite a messy corner after Kyle’s off,” Thomson told FF1600website.

“The track was really slippy, it was honestly like ice in some corners. The whole car dances at the rear but it’s a lot of fun.

“We weren’t expecting to be qualifying P1. This is about where we expected to be, if not a wee bit higher, so we’ll get stuck into the race now and enjoy ourselves.”

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