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Jackson picks up where he left off with Donington pole

Reigning HSCC Historic Formula Ford champion Cameron Jackson has topped the qualifying timesheets for the first race of the year at Donington Park, ahead of Linton Stutely.

Jackson’s new Winkelmann WDF2 showed itself to be a very competitive car in its new custodian’s hands, despite its relative obscurity.

Enigma Motorsport boss Stutely, driving Richard Tarling’s Jamun T2, was only 18 thousandths behind Jackson for most of the session, until Jackson pulled out a phenomenal 93mph lap less than a minute from the end.

Classic Team Merlyn driver Pierre Livingston was third, showing signs of following up on his 2018 promise. His team-mate Benjamin Tusting was further down the list in sixth, having not quite got on the pace of the leaders.

Sussex dentist Ross Drybrough was another driver who put in his fastest laps at the close of the session, placing his Merlyn Mk20 in fifth.

Experienced historic racer Will Nuthall maintained a consistent presence in the top five and will start in fourth place. Danny Stanzl was pushed down the grid to tenth by rapid laps from Tusting, Merlyn driver Ted Pearson and Cormac Flanagan’s Alexis.

Pos Class Driver Car Gap
1 Cameron Jackson Winkelmann WDF2 1:16.349
2 Linton Stuteley Jamun T2 +0.360
3 Pierre Livingston Merlyn Mk20A +0.666
4 Will Nuthall Jamum T2 +0.734
5 Ross Drybrough Merlyn Mk20 AS +0.742
6 Benjamin Tusting Merlyn Mk20A +0.825
7 Cormac Flanagan Alexis Mk14 +0.910
8 >50 Ted Pearson Merlyn Mk11/17 +1.090
9 Daniel Stanzl Elden Mk8 +1.199
10 >50 Brian Morris Lola T202 +1.207
11 Tom Smith Hawke DL2 +1.291
12 >50 Rob Smith Merlyn Mk20 +1.573
13 >50 Antony Ross Lola T204 +1.682
14 Grant Peterkin Brabham BT21 +1.814
15 >50 Kevin Stanzl Merlyn Mk20 +2.443
16 >50 Chris Stuart Crossle 16F +2.786
17 >50 Dick Dixon Lotus 61 +3.504
18 >50 Chris Sharples Palliser WDF1 +3.536
19 >50 Paul Unsworth Palliser WDF3 +4.135
20 >50 Rudolf Ernst Titan Mk6 +4.532
21 >50 John Roberts Merlyn Mk11A +4.660
22 >50 Nigel Adams Lotus 61 +5.242
23 >50 Louis Hanjoul Elden Mk8/10 +5.295
24 Steve Mansell Macon MR8 +5.965
25 Kit Lawson Lotus 31 +6.648
26 Andy Langridge Lotus 61 +7.016
27 >50 Bill Cowing Ginetta G18B +10.679
28 >50 Nick Arden Merlyn Mk11A +13.430
29 >50 Stuart Dix Cooper Chinook +21.024

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