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Jackson beats Classic Team Merlyn duo to HSCC Donington win

Cameron Jackson won the opening HSCC Historic Formula Ford race at Donington Park, ahead of a Classic Team Merlyn 2-3, but his anticipated duel with Linton Stutely failed to materialise.

Jackson was as rapid as ever in his new Winkelmann and was only really troubled at the start, when Classic Team Merlyn driver Pierre Livingston had a ferocious getaway from second on the grid. Jackson headed him off, but he had to think quickly.

Livingston was sitting in second place, as second-placed qualifier Stutely had already gone missing, his Jamun T2’s engine having self-destructed earlier and needing to be rebuilt between qualifying and the race itself.

Though there were question marks the Jamun’s engine would be repaired in time, Stutely made the start from the pits, two laps after everyone else. He was unable to get into the points, but he did set a fastest lap to show what he could do.

Livingston started well but his pace dropped off slightly and he was not helped by a safety car period early on, which was deployed to allow Chris Stuart’s Crossle to be retrieved from the gravel.

Livingston’s restart was not as good as his initial takeoff and he ended up in a chasing pack for third, which numbered up to eight cars at times.

His Classic Team Merlyn team-mate Benjamin Tusting moved into second place and made sure that Jackson did not build up a massive lead. Tusting kept the runner-up spot until the flag, ahead of Livingston.

Daniel Stanzl, driving an Elden, came out on top of the heated battle for fourth, ahead of Will Nuthall and Tom Smith, who had followed Stanzl through from the lower reaches of the top 10. Stanzl had to race hard to get back to the front of the upper midfield pack as the lead shifted constantly.

Cormac Flanagan’s Alexis, the oldest car on the grid, was part of that upper midfield group for most of the race but he had to retire two laps from the finish.

Ross Drybrough’s Merlyn was the chief beneficiary of Flanagan’s demise to take seventh, ahead of Over 50 class winner Ted Pearson. Michael Grant Peterkin (Brabham BT21) and Rob Smith (Merlyn Mk20) completed the top 10.

1 Cameron JacksonWinkelmann WDF220:05.648
2 Benjamin TustingMerlyn Mk20A+3.775
3 Pierre LivingstonMerlyn Mk20A+12.352
4 Daniel StanzlElden Mk8+13.025
5 Will NuthallJamum T2+13.229
6 Tom SmithHawke DL2+13.321
7 Ross DrybroughMerlyn Mk20 AS+13.471
8>50Ted PearsonMerlyn Mk11/17+13.896
9 Michael Grant PeterkinBrabham BT21+14.049
10>50Rob SmithMerlyn Mk20+22.221
11>50Brian MorrisLola T202+22.379
12>50Kevin StanzlMerlyn Mk20+28.829
13>50Antony RossLola T204+34.078
14>50Stuart DixCooper Chinook+35.654
15>50Dick DixonLotus 61+41.236
16>50Chris SharplesPalliser WDF1+42.256
17>50Paul UnsworthPalliser WDF3+46.752
18>50John RobertsMerlyn Mk11A+51.156
19>50Nigel AdamsLotus 61+51.675
20>50Louis HanjoulElden Mk8/10+52.092
21 Andy LangridgeLotus 61+59.645
22 Steve MansellMacon MR8+1:00.49
23 Kit LawsonLotus 31+1:07.298
24>50Bill CowingGinetta G18B1 lap
25>50Nick ArdenMerlyn Mk11A1 lap
26 Cormac FlanaganAlexis Mk142 laps
27>50Rudolf ErnstTitan Mk62 laps
28 Linton StuteleyJamun T23 laps
DNF>50Chris StuartCrossle 16F 

1 comment on “Jackson beats Classic Team Merlyn duo to HSCC Donington win

  1. So good!!
    One of the most important things to mention is that Cameron has been investing a lot in his mental game which reflects on his excellent results!


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