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Single-day Oulton and Anglesey rounds dominate 2019 Northern calendar

The BRSCC Avon Tyres Northern FF1600 Championship 2019 calendar has been published, with three Oulton Park and Anglesey rounds apiece and a Super Classic class added, but Silverstone is dropped.

Six of the seven rounds are one-day events to reduce costs and increase convenience for competitors. The remaining round, Anglesey’s in August, is likely to remain a two-day event but may yet be converted to take place within a single day.

Qualifying and race sessions in 2019 will be reduced from 20 minutes’ length to 15 minutes to reduce entry fees by around £100.

The only ‘away day’ round on the calendar is at Mallory Park in May, selected as it is close geographically to many of the Northern championship’s customers.

Silverstone, which the Northern championship visited in 2018, has not been included on the ’19 calendar as the Silverstone meeting offered already had National FF1600 on the bill and it was thought unlikely that National competitors would want to compete also in the Northern races within the same weekend.

But the Northern championship’s June visit to Anglesey looks set to share a bill with the National championship’s provisional date there.

Croft was considered but left off the calendar on the grounds of it requiring too long a journey for competitors.

The class designations for older cars have been adjusted, and the Super Classic name last used for the BRSCC’s old national pre-90 series has been revived.

The championship’s new class breakdown is:

  • SCP Class for Post ’98 cars
  • SCA Super Classic A for 1.1.90 to 31.12.98
  • SCB Super Classic B for 1.1.82 to 31.12.89
  • SCC Classic Class C for 1.1.72 to 31.12.81 – what is currently Classic FF1600
  • SCD Historic Class D for Pre ’72 – what is currently Historic FF1600

Those in the SCP Class must run Avon ACB10 tyres while competitors in the other four classes can run on Avon ACB9 or ACB10 tyres, based on their choice.

1Oulton Park Island13 April
2Mallory Park25 May
3Anglesey8 June
4Oulton Park International3 August
5Anglesey17/18 August
6Oulton Park International12 October
7Anglesey17 November

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