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Kevin Mills: We changed Moyers’ winning set-up with “moments to go”

Kevin Mills Racing boss Kevin Mills has revealed that the set-up of Michael Moyers’ victorious Spectrum was changed ‘literally moments’ before the start of the Walter Hayes Trophy final.

Moyers and Mills won the trophy for a second year in a row, adding to the team’s first two wins in the event with Adrian Campfield in 2011 and Scott Malvern in ’13. Chinese Formula 4 champion Jordan Dempsey also made it two KMR drivers on the podium by finishing third.

With the races leading up to the final being run in a mixture of dry and wet weather, it made judging the set-up for the final incredibly difficult.

“We changed Moyers’ car literally with moments to go before we went out,” Mills told FF1600website. “We went over [to the assembly area] with a different set-up and changed our minds with minutes [to spare].

“Fair play to the mechanics, they just ripped into it and got it all changed back over to a different set-up and it was the right call in the end. We originally went over with the wrong set-up.

Moyers’ car while in the assembly area before the race was changed from a dry set-up to one more for wet conditions, with Moyers admitting afterwards that he had, incorrectly as it turned out, advocated dry settings.

“It feels better than the other three [wins], it feels amazing,” Mills added on his latest WHT triumph.

“To have two on the podium as well, it’s just unbelievable. They both deserved it, both drove really well. It got a bit fraught didn’t it, about halfway through, and I thought we’d lost it.

“Then I didn’t really know what happened after that but they both drove amazing to get back to near the front.”

All six Kevin Mills drivers made it to the final, with Michael Eastwell finishing ninth, Alex Gillespie 25th, and Julian van der Watt and Roger Orgee retiring. USF2000 regular van der Watt had started on pole, but had an incident-strewn final and was eventually spun out of the race.

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