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Ed Thurston scores lights-to-flag Carl Hamer Trophy win

Ed Thurston took an easy win in the Carl Hamer Trophy, for Formula Ford cars made between 1967 and ‘81, in his 1971 Merlyn Mk20A.

Thurston’s only rival was Mark Armstrong, driving a 1980 Van Diemen RF80. After initially hanging on to the leader, it took a mid-race burst of speed and some traffic issues for his rival for the Classic Team Merlyn driver to secure victory.

Royale RP29 driver Rick Morris finished a distant third, quickly gapping himself from the battle for fourth.

After some early lap wrangling, it was Gaius Ghinn who took fourth position in the remarkable Zeus ZR1, while Steve Deeks and Jonathan Lewis, in a Van Diemen RF81, fought for fifth behind.

Lewis would secure that position after Deeks slowed down on the pit straight and headed to the pits, retiring his Van Diemen RF80.

Westie Mitchell dropped from third to seventh in his Merlyn Mk20 on the opening lap and failed to recover. Martin Friedl was the only other drives to finish on the lead lap, with Peter Hannam and Damian George Ditchfield ending a lap down.

Race results

Pos Driver Car GAP
1 Ed Thurston Merlyn 12 laps
2 Mark Armstrong Van Diemen +3.623
3 Rick Morris Royale +11.112
4 Gaius Ghinn Zeus ZR1 +33.813
5 Jonathan Lewis Van Diemen +43.781
6 Westie Mitchell Merlyn +54.211
7 Martin Friedl Merlyn +1:13.491
8 Peter Hannam Nike +1 lap
9 Damian George Ditchfield Van Diemen +1 lap
DNF Steve Deeks Van Diemen
DNF Liam McShane Crossle
Fastest lap: Thurston, 1:10.701

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