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Moyers wins challenging first Walter Hayes Trophy semi-final

Kevin Mills Racing’s Michael Moyers continued his strong Walter Hayes Trophy defence by winning an increasingly wet opening semi-final which was interrupted by a red flag.

Moyers led the entire distance in his Spectrum even though the race was halted after seven laps, when Vincent Jay’s Ray left the track at Maggotts.

This led to a four-lap sprint after the restart to the finish. The race was run in drizzly conditions, which intensified entering the latter stages.

Moyers finished 1.2 seconds ahead of Kevin Mills runner Jordan Dempsey, who climbed to finish second having started 12th after a late collision with Matt Cowley in his heat.

Walter Hayes debutant James Clarke of Cliff Dempsey Racing continued to impress by finishing third in his Ray, 2.3s off Moyers.

Team Dolan’s Matt Cowley was another to make a strong recovery in this race, in his case having qualified for it via the Last Chance race, to finish fourth in his Van Diemen just behind Clarke.

Chris Middlehurst finished fifth in his Van Diemen, Dempsey being left unhappy with Middlehurst squeezing him against the pitwall as they’d earlier battled for position.

Michael Eastwell, another Kevin Mills runner, ran in second early on after passing Felix Fisher at Becketts, then Middlehurst on the outside on Brooklands on lap one.

But Eastwell then dropped down the order from mid-distance when the plugs came undone in his engine, finishing 12th.

TM Racing’s Fisher had even worse luck, his Ray being wheeled off the grid before the restart

Oldfield Motorsport’s Stuart Gough also didn’t make the finish, leaving the track at Maggotts after contact with Luke Cooper’s Swift. Cooper finished seventh and has been struggling this weekend with a down-on-power borrowed engine.

Having been involved in the incident with Cooper and Gough, Fisher – who had suffered side-pod and exhaust damage – then pulled up with an electrical issue, forcing him out of the race.

The top 18 finishers progress to the Grand Final and Conor Murphy in his Mondiale M89S took the last slot, by less than half a second from Rick Morris’s Royale RP29.

Race results

Pos Class Driver Car Gap
1 Michael Moyers Spectrum 4 laps
2 Jordan Dempsey Spectrum +1.217
3 James Clarke Ray +2.334
4 Matthew Cowley Van Diemen +2.416
5 Chris Middlehurst Van Diemen +2.759
6 C Richard Tarling Jamun +3.046
7 Luke Cooper Swift +3.790
8 David McCullough Van Diemen +4.398
9 Ivor McCullough Van Diemen +5.684
10 C Doug Crosbie Van Diemen +8.093
11 Tom Hawkins Ray +15.198
12 Michael Eastwell Spectrum +16.625
13 Jack Kemp Ray +17.260
14 C Klaus Dieter Haeckel Van Diemen +17.799
15 H Mark Armstrong Van Diemen +18.093
16 Daniel O’Beirne Swift +18.621
17 George McDonald Van Diemen +19.175
18 C Conor Murphy Mondiale +19.469
19 H Rick Morris Royale +19.921
20 C Thomas Johansson Van Diemen +21.607
21 Nigel Dolan Van Diemen +22.885
22 Adam Fathers Ray +24.047
23 Derek Daly Van Diemen +24.932
24 Max Marzorati Swift +30.773
25 C Andrew Higginbottom Van Diemen +31.496
26 Paul Mason Swift +32.171
27 C Peter Daly Van Diemen +32.290
28 C Arnaud Tsamere Van Diemen +34.514
29 Ross Howe Van Diemen +35.012
30 Neil Tofts Van Diemen +43.354
NC Felix Fisher Ray
Fastest lap: Moyers, 1:09.836

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