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Moyers: Second WHT win “better than the first”

Kevin Mills Racing driver Michael Moyers feels his second Walter Hayes Trophy victory at Silverstone was better than his first one year earlier.

After years of near misses Moyers finally scored his first WHT win in 2017, coming from behind and pipping Josh Fisher in a heated final lap contest.

Aside from losing the lead to Joey Foster for a lap when he ran wide at Brooklands, Moyers had led throughout in this year’s grand final, beating eventual second placed finisher Matt Cowley by nearly a second.

But despite a less frenetic ending to his second win in as many years, Moyers felt this 2018 success was even better.

“I think it feels better than the first!” said Moyers.

“I thought I’d blown it when I went into Brooklands, went straight on and Joey got past.

“The first opportunity to have another go at Joey, I’m taking it.”

Though Foster and Cowley emerged as his closest rivals for victory, Moyers spent the opening stages in the thick of the field, racing against team-mates Jordan Dempsey and polesitter Julian van der Watt.

“The first lap, we were banging wheels. I was banging wheels with Ollie White, banging wheels with Jordan [Dempsey]. It was chaos!”

Though a repeat success had been predicted by many, Moyers admitted he’d nearly made a mistake which would have cost him all hope of victory, one he prevented with only seconds to spare.

“When I looked at the track before we started, I gambled on it drying up, so we went with a drier set-up,” he said of his KMR-prepared Spectrum.

“As soon as we got over to the collecting area, they were like ‘nah, put it back!’”

Moyers had only competed in the Silverstone round of the Avon Tyres BRSCC National FF1600 championship this season, while being pitched against rivals who had competed in full seasons both in National Formula Ford and abroad.

Despite his track time in the category being reduced this year, Moyers made clear he would be coming back for more next year, with a third successive WHT win his aim.

“It’d be rude not to [return]! I’ve got to go for a hat trick, haven’t I?”

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