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Cowley wins red-flagged Last Chance Race

Matt Cowley won a red-flagged Walter Hayes Trophy Last Chance race at Silverstone, ahead of Josh Fisher and Sebastian Job.

Cowley (Van Diemen JL013) took the lead at Becketts on the second of eight laps, passing Jack Kemp’s Ray GR07, and was never challenged thereafter.

Van Diemen drivers Fisher and Job, who finished one-two in this morning’s Progression Race, made storming progress from the back end of the 36-car grid to round off the podium.

They were locked together for the final few laps and finished just two tenths apart, ahead of Peter Gillespie (Spectrum 011C) and Kemp.

Cowley’s 4.2s winning margin was confirmed with a red flag two laps from the finish, as a collision at Luffield between Pascal Monbaron, Westie Mitchell- who had started on the front row in his Merlyn Mk20- and Joe Porter left all three cars stranded, one with a missing wheel.

Sam Street (Swift 92F) won a tight Class C battle, taking sixth overall, ahead of the Mondiale of Conor Murphy and Nicolas Beloou’s Van Diemen.

Rick Morris comfortably won Class H in his Royale RP29- ninth overall- and Paul Barnes rounded out the top ten in his Swift SC92.

Mark Armstrong (Van Diemen RF80) had a good scrap with Gaius Ghinn’s Zues ZR1 for second and third in Class H, finishing 15th and 16th in the overall order.

Having finished third in the Progression Race, Flashman Finneran was making progress through the order before spinning his Van Diemen at Brooklands on lap five. He was classified 24th, putting him out of the event.

Race results

Pos Class Driver Car Gap
1 Matt Cowley Van Diemen 7 laps
2 Josh Fisher Van Diemen +4.408
3 Sebastian Job Van Diemen +4.551
4 Peter Gillespie Spectrum +5.727
5 Jack Kemp Ray +9.667
6 C Samuel Street Swift +9.981
7 C Conor Murphy Mondiale +11.480
8 C Nicolas Beloou Van Diemen +12.784
9 H Rick Morris Royale +18.170
10 C Paul Barnes Swift +18.461
11 C Andrew Higginbottom Van Diemen +19.228
12 C Chris Hodgen Van Diemen +19.332
13 Ross Howe Van Diemen +19.450
14 Lloyd Hopes Swift +22.839
15 H Mark Armstrong Van Diemen +23.313
16 H Gaius Ghinn Zeus +23.697
17 C Thomas Johansson Van Diemen +23.787
18 H Liam McShane Crossle +27.164
19 C Dave Porter Van Diemen +29.476
20 C Graham Woodin Van Diemen +29.825
21 Andrew Schofield Mygale +30.915
22 H Peter Hannam Nike +31.631
23 C Neil Hunt Mondiale +31.940
24 Flashman Finneran Van Diemen +32.840
25 Fergus Paton Van Diemen +34.234
26 C Chris Dawson Van Diemen +34.417
27 C Eric Moulinet Van Diemen +36.074
28 H Martin Friedl Merlyn +45.381
29 Matthew Gillbanks Swift +1:00.297
DNF Pascal Monbaron Van Diemen
DNF H Westie Mitchell Merlyn
DNF C Joe Porter Van Diemen
DNF Andy Clark Van Diemen
DNF C Georges Tomsen Reynard
DNF James Harvey Ray
DNF C Tom Brown Van Diemen
Fastest lap: Cowley, 1:02.764

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