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Moyers and Smith on provisional WHT Semi Final poles

Michael Moyers and Rory Smith are the provisional polesitters for the semi-finals of the Walter Hayes Trophy.

Last year’s WHT victor Moyers’ dominant heat four win was the fastest race time of the day on Saturday at Silverstone, putting him on pole for semi-final one.

Heat one and two winners Chris Middlehurst and Felix Fisher line up behind Moyers.

Moyers’ Kevin Mills Racing team-mate Jordan Dempsey is among the potential event winners further down the grid in that semi – set for 12th on the grid after his tangle with Matt Cowley in their heat.

B-M Racing Medina driver Smith set the second fastest heat-winning time, despite his race being a huge dice with Team USA scholar Jake Craig and three-time WHT winner Joey Foster.

A pair of KMR Spectrum drivers will provisionally start on Smith’s tail – heat six and three winners Roger Orgee and Julian van der Watt.

Festival winner Josh Smith is set to start 11th in that semi, having lost engine performance in his heat after a fluffed gearchange.

Matt Cowley / Jordan Dempsey - Team Dolan / Kevin Mills Racing - 2018 Walter Hayes Trophy

Peter Daly and Westie Mitchell provisionally share the Last Chance Race front row, but the driver to watch there will be Cowley.

The top 18 Last Chance finishers will all get into the semis, so Cowley needn’t progress from his 11th on the grid but will inevitably want to.

Twelve months ago Josh Fisher only narrowly missed out on outright WHT victory, but this year he has a mountain to climb on Sunday.

His error at the end of his heat means he is provisionally set to start the Progression Race 14th. The top 12 from that go into the Last Chance.

Peter Hannam and Hayden Hardyman are due to start the Progression from the front row.

Semi Final 1 Semi Final 2
1. Michael Moyers 1. Rory Smith
2. Chris Middlehurst 2. Roger Orgee
3. Felix Fisher 3. Julian van der Watt
4. Ivor McCullough 4. Jake Craig
5. Michael Eastwell 5. Oliver White
6. Luke Cooper 6. Tom McArthur
7. Stuart Gough 7. Joey Foster
8. David McCullough 8. Nico Gruber
9. James Clarke 9. Ross Martin
10. Ed Thurston 10. David McArthur
11. Richard Tarling 11. Josh Smith
12. Jordan Dempsey 12. Carter Williams
13. Neil Tofts 13. Callum Grant
14. Dougie Crosbie 14. Colin Mullan
15. Tom Hawkins 15. Henry Chart
16. Nigel Dolan 16. Jason Down
17. Klaus-Dieter Hackel 17. Cameron Fenton
18. Peter Daly 18. Thomas Cappezzone
19. Adam Fathers 19. Neil Broome
20. Max Marzorati 20. Lewis Fox
21. Arnaud Tsamere 21. John Svensson
22. George McDonald 22. Logan Hannah
23. Vincent Jay 23. Stephane Lemeret
24. Paul Mason 24. Jaap Blijleven
25. Dan Fox 25. Maxime Lebreton
26. Daniel O’Beirne 26. Mark de Rozarieux
27. Steve Deeks 27. Adam Quartermaine
Last chance qualifiers Last chance qualifiers
Progression Last Chance
1. Peter Hannam 1. Peter Daly
2. Graham Woodin 2. Westie Mitchell
3. Liam McShane 3. Jack Kemp
4. Pascal Monbaron 4. Andrew Higginbottom
5. David Billington 5. Neil Hunt
6. Patrick Sauzedde 6. Peter Gillespie
7. Flashman Finneran 7. Andrew Schofield
8. Hayden Hardyman 8. Sam Street
9. Lorna Vickers 9. Nicolas Beloou
10. Thomas Johansson 10. Paul Barnes
11. Tom Brown 11. Matt Cowley
12. Ross Howe 12. Conor Murphy
13. Clare Greig 13. Gaius Ghinn
14. Josh Fisher 14. Chris Davison
15. Sebastian Job 15. Joe Porter
16. Damian Ditchfield 16. James Harvey
17. Rick Morris 17. Martin Friedl
18. Mark Armstrong
19. Fergus Paton
20. Eric Moulinet
21. Lloyd Hopes
22. Matthew Gillbanks
23. Andy Clark
24. Dave Porter
Progression race qualifiers

Note: The grids shown above are provisional only and are not officially confirmed by the organisers

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