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Davidson holds off McArthur to win Historic final

Alan Davidson - 2018 Formula Ford Festival - Historic Final - Brands Hatch

Alan Davidson held off Tom McArthur to win the Formula Ford Festival’s Historic Final at Brands Hatch aboard his Mondiale M89S, with polesitter Conor Murphy completing the podium.

Having taken part in the slower of the two Festival semi-finals, Davidson and McArthur were consigned to the outside line of the front two rows of the grid, despite their top-10 results in that race.

Murphy’s Mondiale M89S held off Davidson’s similar machine away from the line, but Davidson found a way past on the inside line at Druids on the first lap.

Davidson was soon joined at the front by McArthur’s Reynard 88FF, which passed Jordan Harrison on the outside line into Paddock Hill Bend at the start of lap two of 15, then dispatched Murphy in a similar move three laps later.

McArthur set a number of fastest laps as he chased down Davidson and applied pressure throughout the rest of the race, but was unable to find a way past.

After being shuffled down to third, Murphy drove a relatively lonely race, and it was a similar story for Ryan Campbell after he had overtaken Harrison in the second half of the race.

Harrison held on to fifth in his Lola T530E to win the Pre-1982 class, while Andrew Blair completed the top six in his Reynard 87FF.

Stuart Kestenbaum claimed Pre-1972 honours in his Crossle 16F.

Pos Class Driver Car Gap
1 P90 Alan Davidson Mondiale 13m04.458
2 P90 Tom McArthur Reynard +0.169
3 P90 Conor Murphy Mondiale +7.782
4 P90 Ryan Campbell Reynard +11.542
5 P82 Jordan Harrison Lola +14.366
6 P90 Andrew Blair Reynard +15.206
7 P82 Rick Morris Royale +18.748
8 P90 Jamesy Hagan Reynard +19.351
9 P72 Stuart Kestenbaum Crossle +28.232
10 P90 Ian McCulla Reynard +37.622
11 P90 David Nicholl Reynard +37.752
12 P72 Ian Jeary Elden +38.196
13 P90 Henry Campbell Reynard +38.955
14 P90 James Graham Van Diemen +39.311
15 P82 Nicholas Gibson Crossle +39.542
16 P90 Ashley McCulla Mondiale +45.983
17 P82 Laurie Hughes Van Diemen 1 Lap
18 P82 Philip Attwood Crossle 1 Lap
DNF P90 Jim Campbell Mondiale
DNF P82 Mark Armstrong Van Diemen

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