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Round-Garrido wins Northern Ireland FF1600 title

Team Dolan’s Matt Round-Garrido won the 2018 Northern Ireland FF1600 title with a race to spare at Kirkistown.

Kevin O’Hara took a surprise pole in his Van Diemen, ahead of Noel Robinson, Round-Garrido and his title rivals David McCullough and Alan Davidson.

Round-Garrido was the one who set the pace in the race though, helped by O’Hara pulling out, taking a 2.887 second victory and the 2018 title. McCullough and his brother Ivor completed the podium, with Davidson sinking down the order on the first lap and finishing 18th.

In the second race Round-Garrido and David McCullough embroiled in an exciting wheel-to-wheel battle that ultimately cost both victory. At one point they interlocked wheels, pitching Round-Garrido up and resulting him cracking his bell housing on landing. The pair continued, until a second clash led to the right driveshaft falling out of Round-Garrido’s car and resulting in him retiring. McCullough continued, but could only manage fourth.

Davidson made the most of it, knowing he still needed to secure second in the standings, and ended up bettering the second McCullough in a straight battle for victory. He ended up 10 points clear of David McCullough, but 16 behind Round-Garrido, who had used an experimental strategy in the second race. Will Herron finished third, consolidating his fourth place in the standings with his third podium of the season.

Fifth place for Andrew Blair got him closer to Noel Robinson in the battle for fifth in the standings, while Ivor McCullough’s double podium brought him straight up to eighth.

Results round-up

Race one
Pos Driver Car Gap
1 Matt Round-Garrido Medina 13 laps
2 David McCullough Van Diemen +2.887
3 Ivor McCullough Van Diemen +3.251
4 Will Herron Van Diemen +3.454
5 Scott Finlay Van Diemen +14.960
6 Noel Robinson Van Diemen +17.317
7 Ryan Campbell Reynard +18.958
8 Colm Blackburn Van Diemen +20.171
9 Andrew Blair Reynard +24.059
10 Nicky Gibson Crossle +24.323
Pole: Kevin O’Hara, 1:00.657      Fastest lap: Alan Davidson, 1:00.979

Race two
Pos Driver Car Gap
1 Davidson Mondiale 13 laps
2 I McCullough Van Diemen +0.494
3 Herron Van Diemen +3.681
4 D McCullough Van Diemen +9.588
5 Blair Reynard +10.117
6 Finlay Van Diemen +10.548
7 Blackburn Van Diemen +17.508
8 Gibson Crossle +25.159
9 Ryan Templeton Crossle +25.165
10 Trevor Delaney Van Diemen +26.379
FL: Davidson, 1:01.489
Championship standings
Round-Garrido 197   2 Davidson 181   3 D McCullough 171   4 Herron 122   5 Robinson 77   6 Blair 74   7 Mike Todd 58   8 I McCullough 51   9 Finlay 50   10 Henry Campbell 29

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