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Jackson avoids chaos to win second Historic race at Brands Hatch

Cameron Jackson won an incident-strewn second Historic Formula Ford race at Brands Hatch after chief title rival Ben Mitchell spun off.

Jackson’s victory was based on keeping his car under control as the track dried. He pulled away and maintained a decent lead, which allowed him to avoid the chaos erupting behind him.

The red flag came out after less than a lap when Andrew Wiggins, Pierre Livingston and Mads Gravsen all came off the track at Hailwood Hill. This was the luckless Gravsen’s second retirement of the weekend in his Palliser.

Three laps after the restart, the safety car came out after another multi-car incident. Mitchell spun his Merlyn Mk20 at Hailwood Hill, causing fourth-placed Linton Stuteley to collide with Callum Grant just in front. Grant continued without serious damage, but Stuteley’s Jamun, which belongs to current champion Richard Tarling, was left without its nosecone and a broken radiator.

Grant slipped down the order for a while but fought back to fourth, albeit 14 seconds behind, leading a large group. He had been struggling with suspension set-up through the race.

The main beneficiary of Stuteley’s exit was Clive Richards. Richards is an experienced racer, but this was only his second-ever event in FFord. He only bought his Merlyn Mk20 recently and hopes to emulate his early success at the season finale.

Benjamin Tusting was third in a Merlyn Mk20A. He did get round Richards to second place for about a lap but slipped back to third. Tusting has been running well in the second half of the season and this is his second podium.

Richards won the Radio Caroline Over 50 class honours, ahead of Rob Smith, who was sixth in a Merlyn. He had a much better race than he had in the torrential conditions on Saturday.

Race round-up

Pos Class Driver Car Gap
1 Cameron Jackson Lola 13 laps
2 OF Clive Richards Merlyn +2.793
3 Benjamin Tusting Merlyn +2.842
4 Callum Grant Merlyn +14.118
5 Ross Drybrough Merlyn +17.649
6 OF Rob Smith Merlyn +17.701
7 Maxim Bartell Merlyn +18.361
8 OF Stuart Kestenbaum Crossle +18.854
9 Daniel Stanzl Elden +24.268
10 OF Ted Pearson Merlyn +25.043
11 OF Dick Dixon Lola +30.135
12 OF Graham Ridgway Hawke +33.487
13 OF Tim Brise Merlyn +34.586
14 OF Chris Stuart Crossle +35.157
15 OF Kevin Stanzl Crossle +41.092
16 OF Rudolf Ernst Titan +1:03.443
17 OF Louis Hanjoul Elden +1:28.556
18 Alison Langridge Lotus +1 lap
DNF Ben Mitchell Merlyn
DNF Linton Stuteley Jamun
Fastest lap: Tusting, 57.344

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