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Grant tops wet HSCC qualifying at Brands Hatch

Callum Grant took Historic Formula Ford pole at Brands Hatch Indy, in a session that was mired with tricky weather conditions. 

The wet track meant cars were 15 seconds off the pace and three drivers spun within the first couple of laps.

Grant’s Merlyn Mk20 led the field with a 1m01.415s lap, over half a second in front of former British FFord driver Linton Stuteley in a Jamun T2. This car is more familiar as Richard Tarling’s title-winning mount from last year, with Tarling instead choosing to race in Heritage FF1600 this weekend.

Championship rivals Ben Mitchell and Cameron Jackson will start down in fifth and sixth place, with Jackson 0.4s ahead in his Lola T200.

Between Stuteley and Jackson are Benjamin Tusting’s Merlyn and Mads Gravsen’s Palliser. Tusting was strong last time out at Oulton Park, finishing on the podium, and will be hoping for more glory. Danish teenager Gravsen has impressed in various historic machinery this year.

Rob Smith leads the Radio Caroline Over 50s class in ninth place. The senior driver ranks are swelled by returnee Chris Stuart in his Crossle, who was one of the first-lap spinners, and BARC Classic FF1600 regular Stuart Kestenbaum in another Crossle.

Qualifying round-up

Pos Class Driver Car Gap
1 Callum Grant Merlyn 1:01.415
2 Linton Stuteley Jamun +0.576
3 Benjamin Tusting Merlyn +0.730
4 Mads Gravsen Palliser +1.089
5 Cameron Jackson Lola +1.511
6 Ben Mitchell Merlyn +1.966
7 Pierre Livingston Merlyn +2.269
8 Clive Richards Merlyn +2.401
9 OF Rob Smith Merlyn +2.841
10 Maxim Bartell Merlyn +3.545
11 OF Ted Pearson Merlyn +3.596
12 Ross Drybrough Merlyn +3.746
13 OF Dick Dixon Lotus +4.188
14 OF Stuart Kestenbaum Crossle +4.254
15 OF Kevin Stanzl Crossle +5.006
16 OF Graham Ridgway Hawke +5.142
17 OF Tim Brise Merlyn +5.228
18 Daniel Stanzl Elden +5.327
19 OF Chris Stuart Crossle +5.384
20 OF Brian Morris Lola +5.415

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