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Tilley win number five in first Classic race

Benn Tilley turned his BARC Luna Logistics Classic Formula Ford pole position into a fifth win of the season at Snetterton. He led for all 15 laps and drove a mature and measured race.

Tilley recorded an easy-looking win, but the action was all behind him. Second-place man Stuart Kestenbaum missed second gear shortly after the start and dropped to eighth. This was a repeat of the gear linkage problem that frequently affects the Crossle.

Rick Morris capitalised swiftly and passed Mark Armstrong for second, looking perfectly at home in his new car.

Armstrong repeatedly tried to get back round Morris, but he was unable to slipstream as well as Morris was. Time and again, he pulled alongside Morris at Murrays, but could not get a strong enough tow.

Only in the very last seconds of the race could he get right alongside Morris’s Royale, but it was too late and he had to settle for a very close third. He said after the race that he was just relieved to get to the finish, after working all night to get his car ready again following his Mallory Park troubles.

Armstrong managed to set the fastest lap late in the race. Even though he and Morris were busy scrapping with each other, they did not lose sight of Tilley, who had a clear run for much of the race.

Kestenbaum was a lonely fourth, and Steve Pearce fifth in a Van Diemen RF81. He had been involved in a three-way struggle with Alan Fincham and Alan Williamson, with the two Alans trading places until Williamson had a spin under the bridge. He carried on and did manage to overhaul Fincham for sixth in the end.

Richard Yeomans was the only non-finisher, having pulled off during his first lap with a very badly running Crossle 25F.

Race 1

  1. Benn Tilley (Merlyn Mk20) 20:30.553s
  2. Rick Morris (Royale RP26) +01.808s
  3. Mark Armstrong (Van Diemen RF80) +1.898s
  4. Stuart Kestenbaum (Crossle 16F) +22.174s
  5. Steve Pearce (Van Diemen RF81) +40.879s
  6. Alan Williamson (Van Diemen RF81) +45.984s
  7. Alan Fincham (Van Diemen RF80) +46.299s
  8. Simon Clews (Elden Mk10) +1:22.556s
  9. David Lowe (Lotus 69) +1 lap
  10. Phil Attwood (Crossle 32F) +1 lap

FL Armstrong

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