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Morris makes it tricky for Tilley at Snetterton

Benn Tilley won a thrilling battle with Rick Morris to record his sixth BARC Luna Logistics Classic Formula Ford victory of the season in race two at Snetterton.

Tilley got a good start from pole but Morris was soon in front. His game plan had been to not let Tilley get away and it paid off for most of the race.

The two traded the lead briefly before Morris built up the slenderest of advantages.

Towards the end of the race, Tilley increasingly got the better of Morris, pulling off some impressive moves out of the Bombhole to pass him through Coram twice. Morris repeatedly fought back but Tilley moved ahead at Coram on the last lap and duelled with Morris in a side-by-side finish. The gap between the two was just 0.047 seconds.

There is a 53-year age gap between the first and second place finishers, although Morris, whose physical training schedule would put many younger drivers’ to shame, was quick to state that age “has nothing to do with it”.

Third place finisher Stuart Kestenbaum was impressed by his young Class B rival, praising Tilley’s lines out of the Bombhole. He had a better time than in race one and kept with the leading duo throughout.

Mark Armstrong was hoping to make an impression but the misfiring problem that plagued his Mallory Park races recurred. He pitted after his first lap then tried to restart twice more, but the car was running noisily and badly. He believes it is an electrical problem.

Steve Pearce was a solid fourth, just ahead of Alan Williamson again. Alan Fincham was much further behind this time in sixth.

Even the tail-enders were locked in a heated battle in what was a very exciting race. Richard Yeomans, Michael Saunders and Martin Whitlock fought each other off in a bid to avoid the wooden spoon, with Yeomans prevailing, posting his first top-10 with a ninth place.

Race 2

  1. Benn Tilley (Merlyn Mk20) 18:30.481s
  2. Rick Morris (Royale RP26) +0.047s
  3. Stuart Kestenbaum (Crossle 16F) +5.332s
  4. Steve Pearce (Van Diemen RF81) +30.251s
  5. Alan Williamson (Van Diemen RF81) +30.749s
  6. Alan Fincham (Van Diemen RF80) +53.530s
  7. David Lowe (Lotus 69) +54.311
  8. Phil Attwood (Crossle 32F) +1:07.850s
  9. Richard Yeomans (Crossle 25F) +1 lap
  10. Michael Saunders (Hawke DL11) +1 lap

FL Morris

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