David Leslie Trophy victory was “always in my head” – Martin

Graham Brunton Racing driver Ross Martin was relieved to win Scottish Formula Ford’s David Leslie Trophy, one year on from crashing out while fighting for victory.

Reigning Scottish champion Martin had won nine races in a row coming into this year’s David Leslie Trophy race, making him favourite to secure top honours in the series’ most prestigious race.

He had lost his chance of victory in 2017 after a last lap crash with race leader Kenny Cowie, which wrote-off Martin’s chassis.

“I pretty much threw it away last year so it’s always been in my head, this race”, said Martin.

“It’s one I’ve wanted to win my whole career and to finally take it home, it’s not even sunk in yet. I don’t think it will for a while. But seeing that trophy sitting there next to my car is a beautiful sight.”

“I was flat out, I’m not gonna lie! It was a tough race. I gave it everything.

“The car was superb, the team’s done a great job but after what happened last year, I knew I had to come back and win it.”

A quick getaway gave Martin a small buffer over nearest rival Jordan Gronkowski, though that was gradually reeled in and Martin had to defend wheel-to-wheel from Gronkowski on the final lap.

Martin had to go extra defensive on the final lap, moving straight to the inside of the track exiting Clark’s and hugging the apex exiting the hairpin to block Gronkowski’s cutback attempt.

“He was pressuring me throughout the race and I know his fast spots and weak points on the track.

“It was about capitalising on certain areas where he could potentially pass me, making sure I wouldn’t let that happen and bringing it over the line with all four wheels attached.

“I learned a lot last year and obviously bringing it home is key but, for a race like this, you need to go all out. For me I was 100% attack there.”

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