Graham Brunton Racing team-mates collision a “game of chicken” according to Melrose

Sebastian Melrose has described his collision with team-mate Josh Smith during the second Scottish Formula Ford David Leslie Trophy race as a “game of chicken”.

Graham Brunton Racing pair Melrose and Smith came to blows while battling for second place. Smith exited Knockhill’s final hairpin turn with a run on Melrose before touching wheels on the straight.

That contact left Smith’s car impossible to control, mounting the rear of his team-mate.

Keen not to blame either party, Melrose suggested that each driver’s desire to win led to their collision.

“It was a game of chicken. I don’t back out of anything and Josh evidently doesn’t back out of anything either,” he said.

“I think that’s just racing drivers for you. We never back out.”

It is the second successive meeting Melrose has been involved in a race-ending accident, having collided with Jordan Gronkowski in the July meeting’s opening race.

Melrose felt he would have approached his battle with Smith differently in hindsight.

“I just needed to be a bit smarter. I’ve got a strong engine so I probably would have pulled away from him along the straight anyway.

“I always learn from my mistakes, so I won’t make that mistake again. I’ll still be racing hard, but smarter.”

Guest driver Smith, making his first Scottish Formula Ford appearance of the season in a Graham Brunton Racing-ran Ray chassis, felt his new team-mate had caused their coming together.

“He just didn’t give me enough racing room. Even a couple more inches, six inches would have done and we’d have been alright, drag racing up the straight.

“I was right up to the gravel. I couldn’t have gone any further to my left. He just got too tight and we touched wheels and it just snatched the steering wheel out of my hand.”

Despite being forced to start from last place for a second race in a row, Smith was still optimistic he could progress up the field, especially after taking fastest lap.

“It’s always nice to come away with the fastest lap with a car you only jumped in [for the first time] yesterday, against some quality drivers.”

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