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Cameron Jackson narrows championship gap with victory at Croft

Cameron Jackson claimed two victories at Croft to close the gap to Ben Mitchell in the Avon Tyres Historic Formula Ford 1600 championship.

Mitchell pushed his title rival in both races but couldn’t find a way to deny Jackson the double win and his champion advantage closed to just three points.

Jackson started Saturday’s race from pole, ahead of Ben Tusting, Callum Grant and Mitchell. Grant and Mitchell quickly disposed of Tusting’s Elden Mk10 and the three leaders began to pull away from the rest of the field.

The trio battled throughout the closing stages of the race, but Jackson managed to hold onto the lead until the final lap. As the trio crossed the timing line for the penultimate time, Grant pulled alongside Jackson, but a small mistake by the Merlyn driver allowed Mitchell to snatch second.

Jackson took the chequered flag just 0.6s ahead of Mitchell, with Grant a further 0.4s back.

Victory in race one earned Jackson pole for the second race of the weekend. Grant was caught up in a battle with Tusting off the line, leaving the two championship protagonists to pull away at the front of the field.

Mitchell tried to challenge Jackson throughout the race, but couldn’t find a way past the Lola. The battle allowed Grant – who had managed to shake off Tusting – to close the gap to the front runners.

Grant managed to snatch second with a move past Mitchell at the complex before setting his sights on Jackson. The pair ran side by side as they passed backmarker Michael Richings, but Jackson helt onto the lead. Grant was drawn back into the battle with Mitchell, swapping places with the Meryln driver on almost every lap.

As they came to take the chequered flag, Mitchell was less than half a second of Grant as they finished in the same order they had the day before.

Tusting, who had finished comfortably in fourth in race one, spent race two battling with Ed Thurston. Thurston had the advantage in race two, finishing 0.3s ahead of the Elden.

Dan Eagling took sixth in the opening race of the weekend, but a problem on Sunday dropped the Lotus driver down the order.

Maxim Bartell took seventh in race one, ahead of Pierre Livingston, Carmac Flanagan and Matthew Wrigley.

Bartell, Livingston, and Flanagan were once again running together in Sunday’s race and finished order, though Eagling’s problems meant they were each promoted up a position. Daniel Stanzl and Brian Morris completed the top 10.

Results round-up

Race 1
1 Cameron Jackson Lola 10 laps
2 Ben Mitchell Merlyn +0.641s
3 Callum Grant Merlyn +1.031s
4 Ben Tusting Merlyn +2.823s
5 Ed Thurston Elden +9.576s
6 Dan Eagling Lotus +12.232s
7 Mexim Bartell Merlyn +14.307s
8 Pierre Livingston Merlyn +21.466s
9 Cormac Flanagan Alexis +23.273s
10 Matthew Wrigley Merlyn +23.347s
Pole: Jackson, 1:01.312
Fastest Lap: Grant, 1:31.164

Race 2
1 Jackson 13 laps
2 Mitchell +0.365s
3 Grant +0.795s
4 Thurston +5.502s
5 Tusting +5.808s
6 Bartell +13.971s
7 Livingston +25.489s
8 Flanagan +30.273s
9 Daniel Stanzl Elden +32.458s
10 Brian Morris Lola +39.859s
FL: Thurston, 1:32.088

Championship Standings
Mitchell 245   2 Jackson 242   3 Grant 154   4 Thurston 130   5 Bartell 117   6 Tarling 113   7 Tusting 60   Nelson Rowe 57   9 Nuthall 56   10 Morris 55

1 comment on “Cameron Jackson narrows championship gap with victory at Croft

  1. Jerry Thurston

    Tusting merlyn… Thurston Elden.. therefore Thurston finished .3 ahead of the merlyn


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