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Round-Garrido and Eastwell disagree over podium-deciding Combe clash

Matt Round-Garrido and Michael Eastwell have disagreed over the clash that decided who finished second in the second BRSCC Avon Tyres National Formula Ford 1600 race at Castle Combe.

On the last lap, Eastwell attempted an overtake for second place around the outside of Quarry corner. As the cars converged at the exit of the corner the right of Eastwell’s Kevin Mills Racing Spectrum 011C made contact with the front left of Round-Garrido’s Team Dolan Medina Sport JL17, and Eastwell span down to sixth place.

“Eastwell got into my tow on the last lap and he went to the outside for Quarry, I defended the inside,” Round-Garrido explained to

“We matched each other on the brakes, and as he was on the outside he had a better run because he had less [steering] lock on.

“As he was pulling ahead of me, I gathered that he thought he’d cleared me. As he went to tuck in front of me, he hadn’t actually cleared me, and just tagged my wheel and spun himself.

“It bent my wishbone, which made the last lap really hard as my steering was out.”

Round-Garrido just held onto second over Swift Cooper’s Luke Cooper, finishing just 0.119 seconds ahead.

Eastwell countered Round-Garrido’s explanation and took his concerns to race officials.

“The last lap, I’m not the happiest about. At the end of the day, I got taken out in a straight line.

“It just felt a little bit deliberate. On the exit of the corner, where the kerbs finish, I was on the edge of the track there and he was still squeezing me.

“I’ve been up to see the stewards, it’s not something I usually do. It’s the first time I’ve actually gone up and protested something.

“I felt given it was in a straight line and for a decent position, and I fell down the order because of it, it was definitely worth doing.”

The last lap crash has reduced the gap between the pair in the standings, with Eastwell on 274 points in second, and Round-Garrido 21 points further back in third.

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