Crash damage rules Gronkowski out of second race

Jordan Gronkowsi will miss the second Scottish Formula Ford race of the day due to a lack of spare parts following his race one contact with Sebastian Melrose.

The pair collided at McIntyre three laps from the end as poleman Gronkowski made his way back through the field following a missed gear at the safety car restart.

Both Melrose and Gronkowski slid into the gravel trap, with the latter sustaining suspension damage after hitting the barrier.

With a lack of spares available to the Jordan Gronkowski Racing team, Gronkowksi was forced to pack up, ruling himself out of the second race.

“It’s an easy fix, but it’ll be at home as we don’t have the spare parts unfortunately, so that’s our weekend over,” Gronkowski said.

“We’ll be back out next time, it’s the David Leslie Trophy so we definitely need to make that one.

“Hopefully we can carry this performance into that round and take a win.”


Gronkowski had led for the majority of the race, having re-passed defending champion Ross Martin into McIntyre on lap three of 13.

A missed gear on the pit straight on the safety car restart dropped the Aberdeenshire driver to fourth behind Martin, Melrose and Neil Broome.

His fightback brought him back to third before the race-ending contact with Melrose, which left both drivers apportioning blame.

“Once you’re committed to a move, there’s no backing out. You go for it if there’s space and for me, there was,” Gronkowski said.

“I’d pulled off the same move every other time and this one on Seb was no different in my mind. He just took his normal line and I couldn’t back out of it.”

Melrose saw things differently: “it’s easier for him to do those moves to guys behind me because, in all fairness, they aren’t as quick.

“That move wasn’t on. The corner tightens up and Jordan knows that. There’s no space for a second car if I’m on line. He needed to back out.”

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