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White takes second Silverstone Heritage win despite starting at back

Ollie White took his second Heritage win of the day at Silverstone, and his third from four races this season, despite starting this latest race at the back.

White started at the rear of the grid officially due to a clutch problem, but in fact chose to start there to give himself more of a challenge.

His Van Diemen came though the 18-car field rapidly. He was up to sixth after two laps and had taken the lead from Lewis Fox’s Van Diemen RF92 at one-third distance.

He won comfortably, finishing nearly seven seconds ahead of Fox. The result also means White claims the Jim Walsh Trophy for 2018.

Fox therefore took two second places from Silvertsone and Jaap Blijleven ensured the pair of races had identical podiums by taking third in his Reynard FF88, 3.5s shy of Fox.

Neil Tofts recovered from his non-finish in the first race and his resultant lowly grid slot in race two by finishing fourth in his Reynard 88FF, pipping Doug Crosbie who was driving a 1980 Van Diemen.

Sam Street’s Crossle Swift 92F had to drop out after tagging the back of Andrew Higginbottom’s Van Diemen RF88 at Brooklands a third of the way through the race, which first lost him his nose cover and almost led to his entire nose section detaching.

Higginbottom himself retired three laps before the end when his front-right suspension failed, again at Brooklands.

Race results

Pos Driver Car Gap
1 Ollie White Van Diemen 15 laps
2 Lewis Fox Van Diemen +6.878
3 Jaap Blijleven Reynard +10.464
4 Neil Tofts Van Diemen +15.389
5 Doug Crosbie Van Diemen +15.532
6 Mark Bates Royale +35.962
7 Josh Mason Van Diemen +36.110
8 David Porter Van Diemen +36.237
9 Paul Barnes Swift +37.099
10 Graham Woodin Van Diemen +48.221
11 Paul Barnes Swift +48.221
12 Mark De Rozarieux Van Diemen +49.710
DNF Andrew Higginbottom Reynard
DNF Innes Hickman Van Diemen
DNF Sam Street Swift
DNF Flashman Finneran Ray
DNF Peter Daly Royale
DNF James Harvey Van Diemen
Fastest lap: White, 1:02.598

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